Copyright Release on your wedding reportage

Are pictures really copyright-free?

copy right release

All pictures have personal right released

Let’s try to be precise. The difference between the personal release and the copy-right release, is mainly that, with copy-right release pictures would be yours, you would be able to sell them or use them for advertise, and I won’t… So I have chosen a personal used released.  I think, in 99% of situation it does not make any difference for the Bride and the Groom, because what you want it basically be able to print and share your pictures without watermark.

You can do whatever you want with the pictures in terms of personal use, but you cannot make money with. You can share them with your friends, you can print them. I know that some photographers sell you only 200 or 300 pictures, and give you the other ones in small format, with a watermark. I don’t have a good consideration about this kind of business!


You have, for your private use all the pictures in High Definition and no watermarks, AND, all the pictures in small size with watermarks (on the web gallery) for internet use. However, as a photographer I also need to show my work (Portfolio). That means I will keep the right to use the pictures made on your wedding day and publish them on my website ( or other social media. I totally guarantee that your name won’t be used (nobody will see pictures tapping your name in Google), and I will never use a picture that could prejudice you.