F.A.Q. Answer to Frequently asked questions

Yes, I consider wedding photography as an art of telling a story.
It begins with the getting ready, and finish at the end of the day.
That’s why my smaller package starts with a 10 hour of coverage.

I usually begin when the bride starts her preparation.
During the first part of the getting ready (hair, makeup, etc.) I shoot details, and, then I capture you and the bridal party.

That could be very intense memories if you are surrounded by your closest fiends.

Travel fees are included within 60-mile radius of the Twins Cities and Rochester, MN.

After that, I charge $0.50 per miles.

For long distance, ask for specific quote.

The number of pictures varies depending on the number of hours covered, the number of guests, and, of course, what happened.

For a 10-hour coverage, I can provide 800 to 1200 pictures. For a more complete answer, check the dedicated page on FAQ.

I personally retouch each picture one by one to render the best quality to your image.

Check the retouch page for more information.

I don’t give. Raw files (even if you are a photographer).

I first correct them, then export them in. TIFF for local adjustment.

Finally I export all pictures in High Definition JPG.
That’s the final files you will receive.

Pictures are personal use release.
You will receive all your image, through a web gallery, without watermark in the best quality (HD).

I work with the best professional camera equipment on the market.
Multiple camera body (so back-up equipment), high quality lenses with a large opening, off camera flash and more.
If you are interesting check a list of my gear page (from the FAQ).

I post the first 10 pictures one week after the marriage.
The remaining images are uploaded a few weeks later—depending on the total quantity of work—with a contractual maximum of nine weeks after the ceremony.

I am specialized in Wedding photography, but I cover all kind of photography: portrait, family, products, architecture, interior and corporate photography too.
Beside, I have a personal artistic activity.

Making film and capturing pictures are two completely different jobs. That’s why, in order to ensure a high-quality service, I do only one thing, and I (try to) do it well.

I would be happy to recommend you some videographer.

Of course, I don’t want to be in any trouble for any reason. What’s more most of the high standard venue requires an insurance certification.

You are guaranteed by contract to have a photographer covering your wedding in any situation.
I work in partnership with some of the best wedding photographers, so if I’m not able to testify on your special day, one of those will.

Yes, with great pleasure! I love discovering fresh places, new landscapes. All that is very challenging and exciting.

Yes. I will need energy! I don’t ask for gastronomy meal, a burger or simple sandwish will be good! I eat everything and have no allergy.

If there is one or two iconic pictures you hope to replicate, and it’s technically possible, then I am open to find original sources of inspiration.
But if you want me to change my styling to match someone else, then I may not be a good fit for you.

When I work alone, I don’t offer this option.
If you book me with a 2nd shooter, one of us will be in charge to realize a slide show while the other will keep covering the evening.

Yes. I offer a photo-booth. Check at our page! 

When I first started photography, I was shooting a lot with flashes to be sure to have a clean light. Now, some years later, with experience and better equipment, I love working with natural light.

That’s great because I don’t like weird posed and cheesy pictures. I know how some people can feel awkward face to the camera lens and finally get a frozen smile (I personally have this problem). We will work on that during the engagement session.

First, send me a message or call me, we will set up a rendezvous. I drive to Minneapolis and St Paul with pleasure. Then you will have a deposit to pay and a contract to sign in order to secure your date.

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