Your wedding day Schedule

The more time you have, the less you will stress, the more relaxed you will be, the better you will enjoy your day, and the better the pictures will be!

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Stress Free Schedule

There is no secret, you can not extend the time (well…technically you can, but not on earth). If you try to compress too much things, back to back, on a too tight schedule, you have a high risk to run all day, and not enjoying your wedding. The same for me, if I want to create amazing pictures, creative one, I need time! Like in every creative field!
That’s why I have offered a LOT of hours for your wedding day, starting from my smaller package, so you don’t have to run. Visit my price page for more information.

The day of your wedding I am here for you, to complete a good job.

Tips to define your perfect wedding day schedule

Plan some Room

Plan some room in between things, don’t forget the time to pack-up and travel between the locations.
Found some example of timeline on our website.

Example of a wedding timeline for the photos

  • Make-up and hair: 2 hours (or more)
  • Details (Dress, Jewels, etc): 30-45 min
  • Reveal the Dress: 10 min
  • Dressing: 15 min
  • Pictures with the bride’s maid: 20 min
  • First look with the parents: 15 min
  • Getting ready for the groom (including details): 45-60 min
  • Pictures with the groomsmen: 20 min
  • First look bide and groom: 15 min
  • Bridal Party: 30 min
  • Family (depending how many people): 20-50 min
  • Couple session: 1 hour or more if you want to go on several locations
  • Ceremony: 30-60 min
  • Cocktail hour: 1-2 hours
  • Diner and Party: totally up to you!