A portfolio is the very first thing that you should pay attention to when looking for a photographer for your wedding. So, after watching all the images, if you don’t feel any vibe, don’t have any sparkle in your eyes, or don’t get excited to have your pictures taken, then it may not be worth continuing.

In the opposite, if you have the feeling that this style is unique and timeless, that you stare at artistic images, if you laugh and have the feeling to discover other couple’s wedding, if you are excited by the idea of having sophisticated group pictures with your bridal party, then you might trust your gut and go further contacting me.

I am very proud to show you a selection of my favorite images that I have captured through the years. 

I tried to select powerful ones, esthetically and emotionally, but also the most unexpected and funny ones. Funny images are what make a day unique, and these ones I’m especially eager to catch!

Sharing my experience to help you plan your wedding day

I have divided the images by categories following different periods of the day. For each page, I also offer you a lot of tips to help you organize a stress-free timeline. Indeed, I believe the first step of creating stunning images, is to assist my clients on producing their wedding day timeline. 

A good organization is the secret of flawless experience! Since 2004 I have covered hundreds of weddings, I have experienced the best and the worst and as a consequence I could be a wedding planner. 

To this end, I help my couples to improve the quality of their images, by suggesting them the best advice, and being a problem solver on their big day!

Why I am different from photographers in Minnesota?

More than my obvious elegant French accent, I am one of the few professional photographers in the world granted with two art school degrees in Photography, 10 years experience in commercial and fashion photography, who taught Photography at university (some, reading me, might regret I was not an English teacher). 

You may wonder how that does affect my photography. As a Twin Cities wedding photographer, I have the skill to create amazing advertising-level photography for which you will receive nothing but compliments. Above all, I consider that the goal of a wedding photography coverage is more than to capture staged family portraits, but to create a wedding album, telling your entire story, reflecting your personality by catching raw emotions and turning them into memories.




for those who don't have the time.



This second part of my portfolio is a selection of some of the best images taken from the past weddings. They reflect what you can really expect to receive on your wedding day. 

Indeed, while it’s quite “easy” for every motivated photographer to catch at least 10 good images during an entire wedding day, it’s much more complicated to catch stunning images all day long. Without entering into technical details, let’s say that some situations are very easy to photograph (and even a smart phone can do a decent job), such as a cloudy day. But in some other circumstances, especially in very low light venues, or situations presenting a mix of natural and artificial lights (blue and orange), are much more complicated to catch, and thus are often the ones that are completely missed by the amateur photographers. Indeed, properly lighting dark scenery is an art that you can’t improvise.