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Groom preparation for wedding with groomsmen before the ceremony

The groom has some duties to achieve before walking down the aisle, getting married or enjoying the cocktail hour with his groomsmen. Indeed, he has more obligations than just putting on his suit!
The groom’s preparation is less stressful than the bride’s getting ready, and thus, it could also be an opportunity for your photographer to capture tremendous candid shots.
So let’s see in detail what a groom morning looks like and how you can improve it.

Where is the best place for the groom to get ready

For the photography, there are two parameters that the bride and the groom can improve: beautiful location and soft natural light, which would provide better photos.
Hotel meeting rooms without windows should be strictly prohibited! Ask for a nice suit, with space to move and big windows for natural light.
That’s why your wedding venue choice may be influenced by the rooms offered.

TIP: Airbnb could be a good alternative to booking a nice apartment. What’s more, the family can use it on the day before your wedding day. Also, guys can wear them to get dressed before the ceremony.

Who Gets Ready With the Groom?

There is no strict rules. Most of the time, the groom will be surrounded by their best groomsmen (where sometimes fathers are included).
Every so often, the groom can turn into a “groomzilla” who wants to handle everything. Thus he would probably get dressed quickly and alone in order to have enough time to double-check everything.
Of course, for great photographs featuring real-life and emotional moments,  it’s better when people surround the groom. It’s only when there are interactions between people that I can catch a real moment of life.
Kids and animals bring some spontaneity to the pictures, so they are more than welcome to join.

When should you start?

Given you don’t have any hair stylist or makeup, it definitively lasts shorter than the bride’s getting ready. Also, I recommend you to adjust your starting time according to the bride’s schedule.
Actually, the groom’s getting ready goes pretty fast. Let’s say it usually takes 30 minutes to get dressed. Add to that some extra time for the photographer to catch details (20 minutes).
This time depends on weddings, your personality, and all the unexpected events, such as gifts or surprises from the bridal party or other people.

What can you do during your arrangement?

First, photos of the groom shaving or getting out of the shower could be cool! So, depending on how shy you are, you don’t need to shave before the photographer’s arrival.

Going to the barbershop

it’s the only fancy option for men I am aware of. And the good news is: it is pretty cool! Having your skin shaved or your beard trimmed in an old-fashioned barber shop can create great pictures, and it’s a relaxing moment to share with your close frien

ds.Share drinks with your friends, relax, and have fun.

For instance, play poker, play PlayStation or any other game that can bring excitement and helping you to relax.

Offer your team a gift

It’s pretty common for the groom to offer gifts to the groomsmen. It could be things such as some funny socks, a tie, a bow tie, or something more luxurious such as watches or cufflinks.

Open the bride’s gift and letter

If you are planning to exchange a gift or a letter, then ask the photographer to be present when you open it!

Group and individual photos with the groom

Find a nice place in your venue looking like a private old club room, or a modern hotel lobby, and let’s stage a group picture.

Go for a stroll

If there is nothing left to do and you still need to kill the time, then go for a walk with your friends.
If there is a nice coffee shop nearby and you want to have a drink, go there and enjoy! But keep your phone with you if the bride needs to reach you.

What are the Groom’s responsibilities?

Once you are handsome and fully dressed, what can you do?
After the funny activities, let’s see what your obligations and duties are and what you should check out!


Check with your florist when he plans to deliver the boutonnieres. If they arrive sooner ( and depending on the flower’s type), you may need to store them in the fridge until the last minute. Don’t forget them, or the bride will kill you.

Also, if you don’t know, your boutonniere goes on the left side of the jacket, and you are not supposed to see the pin. You might ask for someone specific to help you with the boutonniere, such as your mother, and it could be the opportunity to take a photo.

Verify That Your Wife-to-Be Is Fine

Be gentle, call or text your beloved and check that everything is fine for her. If your mother or sisters are getting ready with her, make sure everything goes smoothly.

Manage Everyone

If you have the time and you don’t have a wedding planner, check with your vendors that everything is on track for your reception, and answer all their questions. If there are decisions to make,  then take them. But of course, if you are not sure … ask your loved one first!

Check the Last Details with the Person Leading your Religious Service.

Confirm with the officiant that you are on the same page regarding the entrance order, the music, what you should do with the engagement ring, where you stand during the ceremony, and when you exit.

Ensure that You Have All the Paperwork Required for the Marriage License

That seems pretty obvious, but omissions might arise.

Don’t Forget the Rings

It’s probably the most obvious advice, and you appear to be a bad sign of your engagement in marriage.

Keep Your Guys on the Timeline

It’s the groom’s responsibility to make sure that your guys are not late.
So you must be aware of the wedding day schedule and how to manage your buddies!

Tips for the Groom

After your obligations, let’s see some advice. I hope these tips will help and guide you!

Avoid the Hangover

First thing above all, avoid drinking too much the day before! Indeed, during the rehearsal dinner, the groom can be tempted to enjoy a good glass of wine. I know how great it is the day before! All families and closest friends meet in a very relaxed way. It’s the calm before the storm. Thus it’s easy to drink too much during the rehearsal dinner. But if there is one thing you want to avoid on your wedding day is having a hangover!

If you have one, you won’t enjoy your day; you will need to drink water all day long to get hydrated, but that also means you will go to the restroom all day long.

Unpack and Clean the room

Open all your luggage and unpack all your wedding attire before the photographer’s arrival. Clean the room and take out everything that could catch your attention in your pictures. For instance, avoid Starbucks cups, fast food boxes or plastic bottles in the corners of the room.

Have an Extra Shirt

You will run and be stressed all day long. With your suit on the shoulder, no need to say that your shirt will be wet before the sunset! And it’s especially true if you have a sunny and warm afternoon.

Given you will probably wear a white shirt, I would recommend you to buy at least one (or more) back-up shirt(s). Thus, you can quickly change your shirt between two planned moments if needed. For instance, you can escape during the cocktail hour, or the dinner, to put a dry shirt.

Be on time for the first look (if you do have one).

You don’t want to upset her.

Be aware of the timeline that your beloved put so much effort into creating.

You don’t want to spend the rest of the day being late.

If the bride is planning a father’s daughter’s first look, make sure she is done before you enter the room.

You can also bring the bride’s bouquet to show her during the first look.

Bow tie or special tie knot

Even if you are used to wearing a traditional tie every day for your work, it doesn’t mean it would be easy for your big day. Indeed, you want it to be perfect! So you will probably start it over a couple of times.

Make sure your venue has a good internet connection to watch the YouTube tutorial if you are planning on tying an old-fashioned bow tie or a specific complicated knot! Or, better, download the video prior to your special day!

Don’t Forget Your Fiancée’s Gift

It’s not a priority and can be easily forgotten. Buy your gift before the wedding, and avoid sending your best man buying a cheap last minute chocolate box. Also, remember what’s important in offering a gift! It’s not the price you put, but your ability to choose something personalized you know for sure she will love.

Tip: add to your gift a well-written letter, that’s the best to make her cry and to show her your love, and it only costs you some of your time.

Eat Something

When time flies, we can easily forget to eat something. Eat a snack, and take some energy.

Don’t Ruin Your Suit

Whether you have a luxurious handmade suit or you bought a ready-to-ear from a clothier, check there are no wrinkles. Handle it properly.
Also, avoid ruining your suit or tuxedos when eating or making any extreme move. In other words, don’t play football with your suit.

Repeat Your Vows and Your Speech

First, you should write down your wedding vows before your big day. In this way, you can take the time to write something you are proud of. It should generate emotion and make her cry. You can also repeat your vows or your speech before the ceremony or before the dinner to refresh your memory.

Also, if you are the kind of person who forgets everything when you are under pressure, then simply keep some nice notes in your pocket that you can use.

Refresh your memory regarding your guest list

If you invite a lot of people, you may not remember who is who and what the people’s names are (especially your in-laws’ friends).

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