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French Touch Photography Wedding Photographer Based in Rochester, MN

You’re likely to read this because you’ve recently become engaged. Congrats! Now, you are making wedding plans and you’re in need of a good photographer. But you have certain expectations… Well, voilà! Your search is over!

Meet Alex the human behind the photographs

alexandre mayeur

As someone who is married, I perfectly understand all the pressures, the stress and the time consuming aspect that come with a wedding.
That’s why, in addition to the most important part of my job (which is to capture outstanding candid and artistic shots), the second most important part of this job is to make you feel comfortable, so you not worry about the photographs being taken on your big day!

I make the entire process easy and efficient for you. I’m actually someone you can rely on, with whom your guests will be comfortable around, and who won’t be an annoyance.

candid shot of parent during wedding ceremony black and white image

I have 2 Degrees and a background in artistic and fashion

I have a background in fashion and artistic photography, as well as 2 photography degrees.
I began my career in France, while I was a student in Paris. One of my degrees comes from a University, and another in a France-based art school (ENSAD). I have conducted several international exhibitions (maybe one soon here). I worked in the advertising and fashion industries for 7 years, as well as taught photography at a College school in Paris.


I’m More Than Just a Regular Wedding Photographer.

Taking portraits for families, lifetime events, such as the husband and wife getting married are great, but is only one aspect of my work in the Cities. Beside that I also to real estate, headshots, newborn, pack shots, products, commercial photography.

creative portrait of bride and groom standing in front windows

I Guarantee you a Great Experience

It’s my eight years living in the North State, with a total of 19 years of wedding photography resource. I’ll be pleased to provide high quality service for couples who ask more than a conventional cliché.

I want you to have the greatest experience (prior, during, and afterward).  Indeed, I believed you should not be stressed with us we follow you around. We want your day to be memorable, and I want the images I take to be hung on your wall or inside a wedding album, so you can relive those moments for the rest of your life!

boy helping their loved father

I provide you with support

With more than 19 years in weddings, I have seen a lot of unexpected situations, and also their solutions. Therefore, the day of your marriage, I would more than happy to help and support you as I can. There are always some tiny details that you haven’t planned.

  • You don’t know how to pin this boutonniere?
  • For some reason, your desired location is not available anymore?
  • It’s raining, or we are simply running late?
blue bell ross watch

I help you building your Timeline

As smooth reception is usually the result of a meticulous preparation ahead.

A well design timeline will offer you enough time to face any situation.

That’s why, in addition to our first in-person meeting, I will help you create a valuable time line, entering in every detail.

candid shot of groom crying when he discover bride

I Operate with Discretion

During your ceremony, I remain quiet. I do not interfere (too much) and I m almost unnoticed.
My job is to catch true emotion. For that purpose, I operate like a ninja and bring tons of clichés.

What Clients think of us: check our Reviews

Don’t trust me on my words, but go online and check what are my past verified clients saying about me and how I handle my business. It’s free, it will only take you for a few minutes and it’s a good way to reassure you in your planning process!

Why do we include an Engagement Session in our packages?

engagement chester wood park

You Need to Feel at Your Ease in front of our camera.

To me, wedding photography is contingent on human relation. Indeed, you must be comfortable with the guy following you to take your portrait !
Some people flourish when a camera is pointed at them, while others go shy as soon as they see a lens.

My approach is to make people feel at ease knowing they’re having their portrait captured. That’s why I include an engagement shoot in all my packages. As a matter of fact, it’s the best way to get to know your photographer better prior to your big day.


You Discover the Technics We Use to Get Authentic Smiles

We avoid cheesy smile. Instead we prefer having your laughing for real. Therefore we make jokes, asking you to do things, having you playing little games.

Thus, on your marriage’s day, you should not have any inhibitions. In most cases, that’s all I need from you to catch your natural reactions and expressions.
While we are taking pictures, we become acquainted with one another. And by the time it’s over, I (hopefully) win over your entire trust.


It’s Also a Way for You to validate your vendor.

Being a part of this occasion is something very special. Because it means that for 10 hours or more, I literally enter in the people’s lives, and meet all their family! I catch many intense moments! So in a way, I share those moments with you.

That’s why it is so important to see if it matches between us. And if for any reason, you made the wrong choice and you are not satisfied with our services, you can end the contract and have your money back and hire another vendor.

Pretty fair, isn’t it?

When, How and Where to Plan Your Engagement Session


It usually takes place several months prior to the celebration so you can use the pictures for the save-the-date cards.

What the process?

  • Before the shoot we discuss together several points, such as location and outfits.
  • We shoot your pictures.
  • Several days after the, we deliver the first pictures, and the remaining a few weeks after.
  • At this point, if you’re not happy with my style, you’re under no obligation. You can simply break the contract and hire another vendor.

Where: Somewhere in the Olmsted County

Your pre-wedding portraits can take place in the Med City (check the best spots also used by families) or anywhere else in Minnesota. It’s a location, you fill confident in front of the camera.

For instance, the cityscape as a backdrop (or just downtown) can be gorgeous. When you think of historic buildings, other gorgeous place that comes in mind is the Assis Heights, St. Mary’s Hospital or the Mayo wood Mansion. Unfortunately, those places usually doesn’t allow us to take pictures. But luckily, we have a tone of options.

a best location for engagement rochester

Downtown for Historic Building

For example, we could use the old The Plummer Building and its gorgeous doors (next to the Khaler Grand Hotel and the Mitchell Student Center). Some people would like the Historic Chateau Theatre on Peace Plaza. We can also use the 3rd St SW with lots of little shops (ThaiPop, the Tap House and its string lights, the red brick of the former Half Round Barrel).

We should also mention the Plummer House Located in the Historic Southwest?

engagement session rochester mn


If you prefer the Minnesota outside environment, I can suggest you several famous parks.

  • First, Quarry Hill with its lake, forest, high grass and beautiful rocks.
  • Secondly, Oxbow Park with its zoo, its rivers, its grassland and pine forest.
  • Thirdly, Chester Woods Park with its big lake and hills all around.

There are a lot of other parks we can use Silver Lake Park and its skate park, the Zumbro River shore, Soldiers Field Golf Course, the Essex Park, Central Park, the Victorian Heritage House, just to name a few.

engagement session rochester mn wedding photographer


Coming from France, I am a big fan of (parking) Rooftop, they give a feeling of a big city. OK, it’s not Chicago or NYC, but, still, the few options downtown are great. We can see the Mayo Clinic buildings, or even the Kahler Grand Hotel sign.

rac rochester mn

Downtown for Modern Architecture

Thanks to the Mayo Clinic, the Med City is a pretty dynamic town, and abounds in new buildings.
Think about the Gonda Building, the Rochester Public Library, the RAC (Art Center), the Siebens Building or the One brand new Discovery Square just to name a few.
Those glass buildings bring a touch of modernity.

Check my Portfolio

Prior to anything, I strongly encourage you to go through my portfolio. Yes, it takes time. But photos matter: it is what will last forever!
I have separated my portfolio on a pair of sections. First, one shows pictures categorized into themes (candid, details, bridal preparation, etc.).

The second part is comprised of real featured real “entire” weddings. Each gallery gives you an idea of what to expect by hiring me.

creative picture with with yellow light

Creative, Artistic and Timeless

My style is a mix of different things. While I mostly capture true timeless candid shots, I also like to stage artistic and creative images. Those are breathtaking composition that just illustrates how much you love each other.

A Photojournalist Approach

I photography not only the bride and the groom but also the guest!

Many photographers only take shots of the couple being wed. Your wedding album should be full of everyone and everything involved that special day. As such, I concentrate on taking pictures of friends, siblings, parents, and everyone else present. You’ll have an abundance of photos of your bridesmaids, groomsmen, siblings, parents, and everyone else. I take candid photos and capture the emotion felt by all your guests.

That’s why I also focus on relatives, friends, and all present people. Of course, you will have a lot of pictures that show the complicity between you and your bridesmaids and best men. My photographs reflect your guest’s character.

You will also have pictures of your parents and your siblings. For instance, I may capture your mother’s stress during the preparations, or even your father who cries when he walks along the church alley with you. I also like taking grandparents in pictures. Most of the time they are quiet people, who don’t make a lot of noise, but if you look carefully, they are very happy, funny and proud, to share your wedding.

But what I like the most, it is those unexpected pictures that show what is really unique.

You may Rediscover Through our Photography Some Unknown Moment.

Often, the newly married tell me that the photos revealed things they weren’t aware of. I’m in many places while I shoot. On the day of your marriage, everyone solicit you, and you probably don’t have a minute to yourself. While this is happening, I’m moving around capturing genuine moments. You can trust me to take as many unanticipated photos as possible.

What kind of genuine moment?

  • Your groomsman starting a conversation with a lady.
  • Your friends secretly repeating their surprise choreography.
  • The attitude in the face and in the eyes of your mother looking at your father making jokes.
  • Your grandma gossiping something.

    I mostly capture happy moments, but I also like to take unexpected moments that could be funnier.

Our Photo Books

wedding photo albums

Top Quality Wedding Albums

I provide clients with the best wedding albums to protect their memories. Indeed, the proper way to present this story is through an albumWedding books are watched as movies telling your family’s story. They are awesome hand made albums part your heirloom. They can last for many generations.

photo video

A Layout Telling a Story

You pick the files you prefer. We are storytellers, so we design the layouts so they tell a story, your history.


The Guest Book

Guest Book albums are alternative to traditional guest book, allowing your guest to sign it.


The Mini Gift Book

Those mini albums are ideal gift to thanks people you love such as bridal party.

Our Wedding Photography vs. Others?

As a photographer, I know how to capture the family’s portraits and candid shots showing the true personality of your relatives.
But all photographers say the same thing! So, what make our artwork unique?

Skills and talent that most of the good photographers (should) have.

  • A friendly way of working that makes you feel at ease.
  • Being open-minded and adhere to your wishes.
  • A huge competence in wedding
  • A high quality and handmade retouch service, using a specialized and calibrated monitor.
  • The last camera equipment, with back-up
  • Ability to shoot in low light condition and several extra-light flashes (just in case)
  • Ability to see and how to play with natural and artificial lights
  • Caring about Client’s experience
  • Not being pushy with sales

Skills that put us apart

  • We help our clients to determine the perfect Time Line for their wedding.
  • We include a photo-booth in all our packages.
  • We offer a free after day session in case of bad weather.
  • We have A (real) artistic and documentary background to create artistic images.
  • We have savoir faire in fashion and know how to stage group pictures.
  • We offer An Extra Fast delivery service.
  • We retouch and deliver an unlimited number of photographs.
  • Our online gallery where you can download all the HD pictures.
  • A back-up of your files (in live and in the studio)
  • Our top quality albums

Our 10-hour package

A traditional Wedding Photographer would come for the ceremony might take a few group shots, a short photo session with you, and he would probably leave after the cocktail opening (or at least, he would not stay until the ball opening nor the cake cutting). You would have some very conventional pictures, but you won’t have your entire wedding story told, and you won’t have authentic moments. Well, it used to be this for one century, and everyone was happy.

But now, due to “recent” evolution of technology, a new way of taking pictures appeared in weddings. Taking candid moments for 10 hours brings much more powerful pictures, full of emotions, true and authentic feeling. This truth is what allows your story to resist the times. Real and authentic art, past the times with no wrinkle.

That is why I offer full-day coverage that starts your story at the beginning of your preparation. You will receive pictures from your getting ready until night, when you have already danced for a while!

bride and groom grand exit creative picture with soap bubbles

10 hours of Coverages

To cover your entire event from A to Z.

number of picture wedding

All the Digital Files in HD

You receive all your files retouched, in HD, with a personal right released.

photo booth rochester


You want your guests to keep a souvenir from your wedding?

I offer an elegant photo-booth with unlimited prints.

trash the dress rochester

A Trash the Dress Session

For people who want to have an amazing photo shoot with no limit of time. It’s a good opportunity to drive a couple of hours away to the north to enjoy an amazing location! Such sessions are pure pleasure and offer unforgettable memories.

The wedding venues we love in Rochester, MN

Here is a list of the venues we have covered.

  • The Mayowood Stone Barn
  • The J.Powers at the Hilton
  • Rochester Marriott Mayo Clinic Area
  • the Kahler Grand Hotel
  • The Plummer House
  • The Graham Park
  • The Blue Moon Ballroom
  • Studio 324
  • Rochester Golf & Country Club
  • The Steeplechase Event Center
  • The Pond View Barn
YouTube video
We appreciate high-quality movies, and we believe it’s impossible do both video and photography at the same time… at least not if they want to keep a superior product.
That’s why we specialized only in a still image, and we recommend professionals we admire for videography.
Like most of the professional photographers, we are mobile and used to travel up north to Minneapolis, Saint Paul (and beyond) to take portraits. I am not afraid to drive hundreds of miles if it is worth it.
French Touch Photography is a media production company based and serving the Med-City area and beyond. It covers not all the Olmsted County, including Byron, Kasson, Elgin, Mantorville, Elgin, Eyota, MN, Douglas, MN, Stewartville, MN, Oronco, MN, Dover, Viola, Chatfield, Dodge Center but we also covers the other Minnesotan Counties! Indeed, if much of our couples are in the capital (Saint Paul or Minneapolis). I also drive in Stillwater, Duluth, and other close States Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and Illinois.

Also Serving the Twin Cities without travel fees.

You want us to immortalize the true personality of your one-lifetime reception, but your ceremony takes place in Minneapolis.
So you wonder if we can travel on the Twin Cites: the answer is a clear YES. We do not limit our media productions! Actually, most of our clients live in St Paul! What’s more, we don’t charge travel fees for the small trip. For instance, we are used and happy to cover weddings in Minneapolis, MN, and the metro area including Edina, Burnsville, Eagan, Bloomington, Eden Prairie, or Maple Grove.

Other Locations in the North State

We are also thrilled to cover celebrations in the country side like Minnetonka, Mankato, Owatonna, Lakeville, Red Wing, Winona, Shakopee and Faribault.
French Touch Travel to Other States
As a professional image maker, I enjoy deserving towns located slightly further, like in Wisconsin, La Crosse on the Mississippi, or Eau Claire and Wisconsin Dells. We would also enjoy going to Waterloo, Iowa. We would be thrilled to cover a wedding in Des Moines, Iowa.

Shoot Us a Message

You are interested in learning more about our pricing? Contact us today and we will be happy to provide you with all the information you need!

Address: 1408 20th Ave NE, Rochester, 55906
Phone: 5072714248

Black and White Portrait of Alexandre Mayeur, photographer at French-Touch-Photography

Born and raised in Paris, I am now a proud Wedding Photographer in Rochester, MN serving MPLS.

I don’t only capture emotions in candid pictures, I also create timeless images and artful photographs.
Recognized as one of the best photographers in the Twin Cities.

I’m serving Duluth, and also far beyond the 10,000 Lakes State (Wisconsin, Iowa and destination). I am more than happy to discover beautiful landscapes and new horizons.

Have a look on our previous reportages to learn more. As an experienced professional photographer, I don’t limit my field to lifestyle, family or event photography! I invite you to visit my portfolio and discover my photography, and my personal work out of the studio.