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Wedding Photography and Photo-booth Services: A Perfect Combination

As a photographer, I had a pretty poor opinion of Photo booth rentals. I changed my mind after assisting my best friend’s wedding and having fun all night with it. Photo-booth offers not only a keepsake of your wedding for each guest but also a variety of funny pictures than a regular photographer cannot catch. Indeed, people are much more at ease in front of a machine, controlling their image, than in front of a stranger vendor asking them for funny pictures.

That’s why I have built my unique photo-booth and offer it in most of my packages for free.

Characteristic of the photo-booth

The machine enclosure is 4 feet tall, 2 feet large and 1 feet deep. It features a lightning panel, a camera, and an iPad with dedicated software. The photography technology itself is automatic, controlled by the iPad. It’s working on batteries and thus can perform independently.
That said, most of the people decide to include the printer, which needs to be plugged to a power supply. It may also require some maintenance for changing the paper roll.
In consequence, if you want prints, the assistant photographer will stay close to the machine, making sure everything works fine. Indeed, although it’s a simple technology, a bug or an inadvertent use can always happen.

How to take advantage of it?

The simplest way to use it is to let your guests have fun. Some couple may also use it to create another souvenir of their wedding.


Create a personalized guest book

A smart way to use your photo booth keepsake and turn it into great memories is creating an alternative wedding guest book.

Your guests can past their funny print on an album and let you a message. You can also do that with Polaroid (but Polaroid are more expensive).


Hang or Pin pictures

A playful way to use your print is to hang or pin them.
Take a beautiful frame, attach some twine string with a clothespin on it. Or buy a nice Pinboard (you can find some original ones on Etsy).
Each time your guests will take pictures, they can attach or pin a print on it.

You can also hang them on a wire like people do with little cardboard cards.

All you need to know about photo-booths

all photo prints x

Unlimited Prints

Unlimited Prints (one photo per session) are included in all packages coming with an assistant photographer.
If your package does not include prints, you can still choose this option.


What sizes are the prints

The prints are 4 × 6 inches long, including 6 small pictures, like the identity pictures format.
Larger dimensions are possible on the request with additional cost.


Are the pictures retouched?

All the pictures taken by the photo-booth camera enter my workflow, and thus are treated like your engagement or ceremony pictures.


Do you have access to the Digitals?

Yes, you and your guest can enjoy them on your web-gallery.


Starting and Ending Time : How many hours are included?

You can start it when you want.
Battery is efficient for 6 hours. If you want to use it longer, we can plug it to a power supply.
I usually start it during the dinner, but I can start sooner, during the cocktail hour.
The booth service end when your photographer left, so make sure you and your guests enjoy it before I finish my coverage.
Ask the DJ to make an announcement

Quality of the sensor, can it handle different skins tones?

After receiving bad engagement pictures (from other photographers), a couple who were looking for a photographer for their mixed race wedding ceremony worried about the quality of my camera, and my ability to catch at the same time bright and dark skin tones.
I confess I was a bit surprise by this question. The answer is that there is no problem as soon as the picture is well exposed and that the sensor is good. And it’s the case. So don’t worry about that.

Best Place to Install it

Your venue have a variety of options. Photographers recommend to install it next to the gift table (where you can show case your engagement session album, or to memories).
Our photo booth doesn’t need any fancy place not special background. You only need a clean wall and an electric outlet (for the printer).

Space needed

For this purpose, I will set up the photo booth in the corner of your reception room (or an adjacent room), or close to a wall.

Consider a 10×10 square feet area.

“Can we enter inside a physical photo booth?”

The photo-booths we offer are a simple enclosure taking portraits of people. So there is not room to enter inside. If you do want a dedicated room, then renting an inflatable tent can be an extra option.

Lightening and what to avoid

The system comes with its own lightening system (a led panel + flashes). So it would work great even on low light situation. You just need enough light for your guests to pick up their prints or to select their props (if any).

Avoid having your guest standing under a direct source of light. That can interfere with the camera exposure (resulting of a dark picture), and it can create an ugly yellow/orange light.

photobooth outdoor

Can You Set It Up Outside?

Yes (depending of the weather). The photo-booth itself working on the batterie is totally doable. Nevertheless, the printer needs to be plugged to the electric system. I do have some extension cables, but I won’t be able to cover a large distance. So if you want to install it in the middle of a park, you may have to give up on the prints.

The system is not made to work under 30*F.



We usually use your venue’s wall as the background of your pictures. If you want a special backdrop, we will be happy to help you (glitter tissue, Jersey, linen, or simple colored photo paper backdrop).

Be aware that some material works better than others. You want to avoid any material that is too reflective, or that is subject to wrinkles (such as cheap Jersey, cotton, or printed plastic sheet).

photobooth background

Size of the backdrop

A minimum of 6 feet wide is needed. 8 feet is better for large groups.


Using a Green Backdrop for Incrustation?

Yes, that’s technically possible, even if I haven’t done it yet. Let’s discuss that prior to your event if you want to do that.

photobooth decoration wooden case and haystack

Create your own Scenery

Some couple would have fun creating a stage background, using chairs, haystack, tables, and other furniture.
If you want to do that, the best is that the photographer (or the assistant) set up some flash and take the pictures.



For practical and sanitation purpose, we do not include prop with our booth.
You can easily buy some on the internet, on amazon, Etsy, or in your local store or a one Dollar Tree.

If your wedding has a special theme, it’s the opportunity to include human disguises.

List of props usually used:

  • Chalkboard (don’t forget the chalk for your chalkboard)
  • Funny Hats
  • Funny headband
  • Scarf
  • Googles
  • Panels with messages
  • Plastic toys: sword, hammer, pistol, magic stick

Other Vendors Already Offer You Photo booth Rental Services

The photo-booth offered is a free service for the bride and the groom’s reception. If you don’t need it’s simple, I won’t bring it and instead I will offer you some prints.

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