The Best Wedding Photographer Rochester MN for Groom and Bride in Minnesota

Are you looking for professional service to keep memories of your big day? We are specialized to photography wedding in a unobtrusive and artistic way. We also provide other photography services such as engagement session, wedding album and photo booths.

capturing happy moment and turning them into art

What we do: capturing happy moment and turning them into art

We believe that real moments provide the strongest pictures, they carry the power of the truth and the authenticity. That why, as a fine art wedding photographer in Rochester, MN, we are dedicated to catch all the moments of your special day and turning them into a piece of art you will be proud to hang on your wall and print in your albums! To do so, we focus on candid shot, and also stage artistic ones when it’s possible (check at our last pictures in our portfolio).

Each Wedding Is Unique

For us all weddings are unique. That’s why we are happy to meet all our couple prior to their wedding and offer them an engagement session. Indeed, knowing each other will help us catching the good pictures. What’s more, we will both fill more confident with each other. And that’s important because we will be close to you and the wedding party all your big day! That’s why engagement sessions are important and included in all our packages!

We do not capture wedding as we would do for corporate events in an event center! Indeed we are paying attention to your bounds with your close family and best friends in order to cover each special moment and each interaction with them, and that during all your wedding in Rochester, Minnesota.

The Preproduction Support

Before each wedding we help you define the best wedding schedule. Indeed, one secret of the perfect wedding is a relaxed schedule. You don’t want to run the day of your wedding, and us neither! Preproduction is one secret that all professional photographer should know.

One image worth thousand words…

So better than a long text, have looked on our Portfolio, with our best pictures. Have also a look at some of our photography and videography of featured Rochester weddings and Rochester area, engagement session and After day session! 

The Best Wedding Photographer Rochester MN for Groom and Bride in Minnesota
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The New Option of French Touch Photography: Photo Booth

Has a photography company offering media productions, we strive to offer you the best service. That why we are lunching our Photo-booth for the next wedding season. Actually, it’s a good way to keep a souvenir of those special moments! What’s more it can be installed as easily for an outdoor wedding or an indoor wedding (i.e. in a event center). It will bring to your wedding event the kind of joy of crazy studio shooting with your bridal party surrounding you!

The Type of Retouching We Offer

We capture beautiful images and we upgrade them. All pictures will be retouched one by one, in order to be as vibrant as possible and to faithfully testify of your wedding event. That’s why we have chosen not to go with the actual flow you can see everywhere on the Facebook today (for instance the muted tones with black turning gray, or pastel tones with whites do not turn bright). On the contrary we have decided to stay to what is timeless: some natural skin tones and accurate colors.
It’s the same about image manipulation; we won’t make you look like taller, slimmer or fix your face so you look like a plastic doll!

Our Wedding Albums

The wedding albums are the final product that you will cherish through the years. We pay a lot of attention in designing your album to please you, and we offer the best material options for covers. Check your Rochester Wedding Photographer 

How to book your Wedding photographer Rochester MN?

Our images have convinced you and you think we might be a good fit for your wedding? Let’s talk a coffee and discuss of your wedding.
With more than 14 years experience in wedding photography we guarantee our clients they will be more than satisfy of their pictures! Book us today for timeless photography in Rochester MN (and Cities Metro).

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