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Event Photographer Rochester MN and Minnesota

Corporate Event Photographer
Rochester MN

Despite the fact that I am a certified professional photographer specialized in weddings, I also offer event photography services (corporate photography) for companies.
In this article, we will see what exactly is an Business event photographer, when you need one, what kinds of pictures to expect, how much it cost and some practical questions.

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What is an Corporate Event Photographer

The name should already give you a clue of what does an event photographer and who used to hire him.
An event could be organized by a company (lots of medical companies in the Med-City), a public institution (such as a high school, an association), but also by a private person organizing a large family event such as a baptism, a bar mitzvah, anniversary or other kind of ceremony.

Photojournalist, documentary, all the same?

To make it simple, it’s almost the same job. Nevertheless there is some thin distinction between each category.
The photojournalist testifies of what he is viewing and experimenting. Despite the fact that he could imply himself as a first-person narrator, the chosen approach is usually a neutral point of view, with a pseudo-invisible photographer. It’s, of course, a myth, but it still continues today, supporting the idea that photography, by film processing, can be objective and neutral.

Despite, this romantic approach completely omits the operator decision (to choose his subject, to compose the image, to light the image, to interact or not with the subject), it’s the most popular one in documentary photography.

The photojournalism treatment is pretty similar, notwithstanding, the journalist and his ego, could also play a role in the pictures, using assuming a point of view on the subject treated, and an aesthetic stylist.

Photojournalism & Documentary

To summarize, I would say that photojournalist and documentary photography tend to be very close: taking mostly candid shots. Today, the modern and trendy designation is “Ninja photographer.” In other words, the operator role is to be everywhere, unnoticed, quietly, invisible (like a ninja), taking pictures of every single moment.

If that function is what most people are looking for when hiring an event photographer, we will see that it could be quite different when photographing a corporate event.

Finally, the event photographer will do a mix of photojournalism, documentary, and simple portrait photography. He will go close to people, taking simple portrait of the guests, interacting with them. Those shots are usually what motivated the guests to go on-line see their own or group portraits.

Difference between corporate and events?

While the event photographer will focus on the event itself and the guests, the corporate photographer integrate the client’s specific needs. The cooperate pictures, usually refer to the stylist portrait of successful leaders.
Nevertheless, a corporate photographer could be asked to capture an event. In this scenario, he would consider the cooperation needs and way to communicate. The cooperate photographer should adapt his work in consideration. For instance, he may take more illustrative pictures if the company has an internal magazine, or more square pictures, if the corporate use mostly Instagram (such as Behind the scenes pictures).
He may also work as a portrait photographer, taking stylized pictures of the VIP guests.

When and why hire a Business Event Photographer for your event?

In a company’s life, there are tons of moments where you need a photographer, such as :

  1. Annual General Meetings (AGMs): Documenting key moments and interactions during a company’s annual shareholder meeting.
  2. Product Launches: Capturing the unveiling of new products or services to showcase innovation and market presence.
  3. Trade Shows and Conventions: Providing coverage of company booths, presentations, and networking activities at industry events.
  4. Corporate Retreats: Documenting team-building activities, workshops, and conferences during company retreats.
  5. Award Ceremonies: Capturing the recognition and celebration of employee achievements and milestones.
  6. Conferences and Seminars: Documenting speakers, panel discussions, and networking sessions at professional conferences.
  7. Client Appreciation Events: Showcasing the company’s commitment to building and maintaining client relationships.
  8. Holiday Parties: Capturing the festive and celebratory atmosphere during company-sponsored holiday events.
  9. Employee Training Programs: Documenting training sessions, workshops, and skill development programs.
  10. Mergers and Acquisitions Announcements: Providing visual coverage of significant corporate announcements and events.
  11. Corporate Dinners and Galas: Capturing the elegance and sophistication of formal corporate gatherings.
  12. Groundbreaking Ceremonies: Documenting the commencement of construction projects or new facilities.
  13. Charity and CSR Events: Showcasing the company’s involvement in community service and philanthropy.
  14. Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs): Capturing key presentations and discussions during strategic business reviews.
  15. Inauguration of Office Spaces: Documenting the opening of new offices, facilities, or headquarters.
  16. Investor Relations Events: Providing visual documentation for events aimed at engaging with investors and stakeholders.
  17. Employee Appreciation Days: Capturing the fun and appreciation activities organized for employees.
  18. Brand Anniversaries: Documenting celebrations and events commemorating the company’s founding or milestones.
  19. Leadership Summits: Visual coverage of meetings and discussions involving top executives and leadership teams.
  20. Retirement Celebrations: Capturing the farewell events and celebrations for retiring employees and executives.

Depending on the kind of event you host, you might need to hire a professional event photographer if you are in one of those situations:

  • you wish to communicate with your event
  • you are eager to communicate about your company and its vision : you work on your Companie Branding.
  • you desire to keep stunning memories : you
  • you want to offer the guest a gift they will cherish in the future: you develop a Workplace Culture that push employee Engagement
  • you hope photography would develop relationship between your guests (let’s think to a fun photo call or a photo-booth to increase social interaction and networking)
  • you are willing to give an event a certain standard trough a special event venue, a VIP night.
  • you needs documentaries about an event to analyze it later: you work to develop your marketing approchs.
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How works an event photographer and what kinds of pictures to expect

Depending on the nature of the event (gala, party, formal reunion, sophisticate reception, business meeting, networking events, Keynote), the photographer would adapt the kinds of photographs he takes and through use different technic.

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Candid shots

The candid shots are the most common image taken. Ideally, the location will be large, allowing taking images from a distance.
The photographer would find different axes and expect laugh or interesting things to happen. Candid moments will reflect the atmosphere, the crowd reactions.

event photography

Illustrative and Narrative, showcasing Company Branding

Those can be a landscape with a logo, a building, stage images, or details of the decoration if any theme, or food, or vendors (performers).

event photography
Corporate Communication : Group of the Hospital Workers showing the workplace environnement

Lightened individual or group

Some image may be required to set up flashes with umbrellas or soft box. That’s typically the case for a photocall.
Those can be picture of the Boardroom.

event photography
The MarketingTeam

Posing Individual or Group

Posing images might be needed, including one individual or group image. Such scene are usually lightened.

blue duck restaurant groupe photo

Building a Creative Stage

A popular way to create a unique experience on events if to design a very special stage, using props, and inviting guests to have fun. Of course this kind of studio production is not always appropriate, but, when they are, they are always something unique that people really love and definitely a way to make sure guests won’t forget this special day.

What does an event photographer need to Meet the Clients Expectations

Understanding and aligning with client expectations is paramount for a Corporate Event Photographer. Whether it’s a product launch, an annual conference, or a team-building retreat, photographers must comprehend the goals of the event and tailor their approach to meet the client’s vision.

Here is a list of what we need to make sure we satisfy your expectations.

Clear information on the event

Like for any kind of contract, clear expectations and precise information are always a key to successful images. If needed and possible, the photographer will scout the location before.
A clear timeline of the event is a most, especially if you want a picture of specific moments (speech, an original arrival, a show).

Welcoming and beautiful location

Whereas it’s for professional event, seniors, families or maternity sessions, choosing the best location play a huge role in the final result. Indeed, that would impact not only the emotion (how the guests would feel at ease), but also the aesthetic result (nice background or not).

Great Light

The first element needed by the best photographers to create portraits and stunning memories of your one-lifetime event is a good lighting. I understand that Minnesota’s weather is not always bright, but, favorite rooms featuring large windows, and avoid direct artificial lighting that create ugly shadows.

Enthusiastic Event

More than Adult, child and seniors are sensitive to enthusiasm. So if you want your professional photographer to catch a picture full of life, then you need to make the event in Rochester exciting and appealing. Plan some surprise, found a way to create suspense and rhythm and joyful moments.
You could for instance planning some well prepare speeches, or hire some music bands, magicians, or one-man show.

Access to the backstage

If your event includes a stage, make sure your photographer have all access to the backstage. It’s an opportunity to illustrate the making-off of the event, and also to catch great portraits of the guests. And finally, access to VIP rooms if any.

Practical considerations

How much does it cost?

The price of your event coverage would vary depending on the following points;

  • The nature and the length of your desired coverage
  • The use of the photo you want to do (advertising, internal promotion, etc.)
  • The need to build a stage or not (photocall, studio)
  • The turnaround time wished
  • The location of your event (we cover Saint Paul and Minneapolis events with no traveling fees).
photo video 13

Do you offer video service?

Today, films are everywhere. We can provide videography service in collaboration with professional partners. But we do not offer such services. Indeed, we are dedicated to quality images and believe we can’t both at the same time keep the level of the exigence.

mayowood stone barn 5

How long before you receive the pictures?

The delivery time is pretty short. It usually takes a few days before you receive all your image retouched. That said, it might increase during the summer, if we have a lot of photos to treat.
If you need and extra short delivery time, then we are happy to offer an option the treatment of your images in 48h.

What city do you cover?
Despite the fact that I am based  in Rochester Mn, I am glade to cover other cities in the Se Minnesota. For instance, I’m used to work in Stillwater, Mankato, Plymouth, Pine Island, Bloomington, Burnsville, Duluth. But also in the surrounded states: Iowa, Wisconsin.

Another kind of photography possible?

packshot 8

Product and Packshot

If you organize a launch party in Rochester for a product your company is creating, then you might need, in addition to event photographers, some qualitative photographs of your products generating emotion such as enthusiasm and excitement. Taken with a professional camera, that image could be simple packshot or more sophisticated commercial images.

family photographer 11


A professional used to work with families would know how to deal with a child, capturing emotions and unforgettable moments. Videography can be an option, depending on your event.

family photographer 4


We are happy to offer maternity services. Being pregnant is an exceptional experience in a lifetime. Thus, before you give birth to your child, you may want to capture this moment forever. 

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Catching emotions during engagement sessions are our speciality. As wedding photographers we capture unique memories of your ceremony and its party in Minneapolis and beyond in Minnesota.

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Portraits & Headshots

Having his own image taken in front of a camera is never easy. That’s why we offer relaxed headshots session, cooperate portraits and stylized black and white images.

Black and White Portrait of Alexandre Mayeur, photographer at French-Touch-Photography

Born and raised in Paris, I am now a proud Wedding Photographer in Rochester, MN, serving MPLS.

I don’t only capture emotions in candid pictures, I also create timeless images and artful photographs.
Recognized as one of the best photographers in the Twin Cities.

I serve Duluth and also far beyond the 10,000 Lakes State (Wisconsin, Iowa, and destination). I am more than happy to discover beautiful landscapes and new horizons.

Have a look at my previous publications to learn more. As an experienced professional photographer, I don’t limit my field to lifestyle, family, or event photography! I invite you to visit my portfolio and discover my photography and work out of the studio.