Nat & Ron

Wedding Photos at 514 Studios in Minneapolis,  alias the Neu Neu Event Center

Today, I am showing you Natalie and Ronald dog-friendly wedding.
I first covered their engagement session shortly after he made her a surprise proposal, and now it is time for the ceremony. It was hosted at the 514 Studio Event Center, in Minneapolis (or also called, the Neu Neu).

This wedding venue is situated in the North-West of the Mill City, in the old renovated area preserving all those architectural constructions from the industrial period. Indeed, in a previous life this charming building, now defined as a warehouse, was probably part of a big factory. Today, with its big old fashion picturesque iron windows, and its nice-looking red brick walls (great for pictures), this building is converted into a venue which hosts weddings or other events.

bride and groom photo session with dog on Twin Cities
romantic shot near the river and a famous bridge

The First contact that started this memorable wedding

Natalie and Ronald are both from Minnesota. They were looking for a talented professional wedding photographer, based in Minneapolis, to capture all the emotions of their special ceremony which took place at the 514 Studio Event Center. Also, after they contact me through the internet, we first met at the Corner Coffee.

This coffee shop is located on the first floor, which is very convenient for guests to have any kind of beverages!
The bride and the groom explained me their dream for their perfect big day.

In the same building, it was located another photography studio that they also interviewed. Luckily after seeing their portfolio and mine, the bride and the groom decided to hire me.

A few weeks later I covered their photo session at the Lyndale Park.

A famous area Downtown

It’s not very surprising to find on the same area several similar locations  that are now converted into a wedding event, convention center, such as the Muse Event Center and its spectacular large hall. For a photographer, it’s pretty convenient! Indeed, working often in the same location allows me to know all the good photography spots. I may use an iconic brick gallery, a remarkable shop storefront, or simply a nice terrace.

Photos of the Getting Ready at the first floor of the Neu Neu

When I arrived in the morning of this special day, the bride was getting ready with her mom, the groom’s mom, her siblings and best friends.
The getting-ready itself was pretty calm and serene. The Bride knew what she wanted, there was no surprise. The hair and make-up was done by Lady Vamp.

The most emotional moment was after her mother helped her to put the dress: she looked at her and finally realized that her little girl would be married soon!
During the rest of the time, the bride’s niece was playing, thus creating a fun and relaxing atmosphere at the event space! I love kids!
As you can see on these pictures taken at the 514 Studio Event Center, the bride’s dress was made from a new stylist from Calgary in Canada: Lis Simon. Look at the shape of the sleeves made of lacework. It’s a romantic piece of art charged with elegance.

The result of this gown is somewhere between a mermaid and a princess from a medieval time. The design gives sensation of preciosity and delicacy that turns the bride into a stunning jewell herself. The only thing we see when we look at these pictures, it’s her thrilled and happy face.
Her bouquet, with mute tone colors, was created by the florist Joy Unspeakable.

514 Studio Rentals for photography!

Did you know that when the Neu Neu is not hosting weddings, they rent their space for photo shooting? Should I explain more why I love this place?

The room she was getting ready is a big room with solid wood flooring made from bright wood. There are some vast industrial windows, and white brick walls.

For me it was a super great location to take pictures! Indeed, the lofts are usually the kind of places that are nowadays used as photography studios! Thanks to its authentic and lavished style from the past, it offers a perfect place and an unforgettable background to take pictures.

Good to know : the room is very convenient for the wedding getting ready. Indeed, it’s equipped with several make-up tables (with lightening system), a dressing corner, and some velvet couch to lay on and relax!

Pictures of the Groom in a Hotel

Meanwhile, a couple of blocks away, the groom, was getting ready in a luxurious hotel Downtown, the Crown Plaza. The groom’s dinner took place the day before in the same hotel and was well celebrated. When I arrived in his suite, his friends were with him, trying to “kill the time” before the ritual.
I like the natural light offered by the large windows of this hotel room. I asked the groom to come closer, and I turned on several lamps. That created an interesting mix with natural blue and artificial yellow light that I like to play with.

First look with the Dad, the groom and the dog

Then we all went back to the wedding venue where the bride had her first look with her father. That was very emotional, and, as a wedding photographer, I am proud to catch this unforgettable moment in candid shots. Then came the groom who, like a lot of men, doesn’t want to be too emotional but in fact is a sensitive person inside. Anyway, I believe he was stunned and delighted when he discovered how beautifully elegant, full of charm and breathtaking was his wife-to-be.

Then we went outside for a first photo in front of the 514 Event Center and we saw the dog keeper coming with their golden dog. This one was so happy to see his mother and father that he was jumping and hardly wanted to sit!

Couple Pictures in the Old Brick Industrial Building

It’s near the 514 venue, North West Minneapolis that we started the wedding photos. It was a long time since I haven’t had the chance to take photographs of a dog during a couple session! Albert (the name of the dog) was really friendly. That said, animals require more time for a better result!

The wedding pet attendant, Lara from Doggy Social MN, helped a lot during the photo session. Indeed she not only took care of the dog, but was also helping with dress and other things.

During this session we were blessed to have some wind and sun. Indeed the Sun made the exposed red brick look even redder and turned the sky in a saturated blue. The wind made the dress fly, and that’s something I always like. It gives more energy to the picture .

We also took some time for a picture at the Event Center.

Adjacent location in the neighborhood for a variety of portraits

After the Minneapolis post-industrial area, we went to famous engagement locations, loved by photographers in Minnesota, such as the Pillsbury Park, on the Hennepin Island, just in front of the Stone Arch Bridge. The green of the lush nature contrasted well with the brick! I enjoyed this fall afternoon, while the bride and the groom started to be quite nervous with the ritual coming.

Wedding Ceremony and Reception at the 514 Studio Event Center

Back to the Venue, the 514 Studio Event Center’s team had installed white chairs to sit the guests. A copper arch was standing in the front of the room. This one was hand made by the father of the bride. Actually, they covered it with fresh eucalyptus silver dollar bunches and some LED lights.
The 514 Studio enlightened the room with light garland, but the Event room itself was quite dark. No chandelier and no projector. So I had to add some off-camera flashes in order to enhance the light and be able to properly catch the beauty of this special event.

An agnostic ritual to get married

The ritual was a non-religious one. They choose one uncle as marriage officiant. It was pretty straight to the point but touching. They decided to make it simple, without the traditional bridal party, but instead, surrounded by their family.

I believe non religious ceremonies could be the best ones (not having any limitation), or the worst!
After the marriage ritual, the cocktail took place in an adjacent space to celebrate their union.

The bride and groom welcomed everyone in the receiving line. Given there were a lot of guests, it was a good way to share a couple of words with each of the guests. Also, the cocktail reception is usually the time when I can catch a lot of candid shots of the guests, thus it is worth making it last longer.

Exceptional Caterers for the Dinner

The structure of the evening was quite classical.

The newly married couple did the first entrance, and they were seated at their own table. Then, the blessing took place and the guests started to eat the delicious food from CRAVE Catering and Events who took care of the buffet. And being French, I guarantee I am very picky about the cuisine! Later during the diner, some guests made some toasts. Then, the 514 Studio Event center team took off some tables to turn the space into a ballroom. And voilà, the first dance took place!

Donut Cake

The newly married chose a unconventional wedding cake. It was funny and delicious.

Great ambiance Celebrating the wedding on the dance floor

The bride and groom started together, then father-daughter and son-mother dancing couples were formed. The rest of the night was basically partying on the dance floor animated by the friendly DJ from Adagio: DJ Entertainment.

During the night, I did found the opportunity to kidnap for a couple of minutes the bride and groom to make some more artistic pictures. I brought them on a close-by rooftop facing the Stadium to take pictures with Minneapolis skyline as background.

A spectacular grand exit thank to a special coordinator Maven

Finally, the bride and the groom did their grand exit. It was special because they chose bubbles. With the famous Minnesotan wind, all the bubbles were going away. Luckily the great wedding coordinator Maven Styling, helped me by staying very close to me with an electric bubble blower. That’s the secret of how I managed to catch this majestic picture: good coordination among vendors!

Conclusion of this Celebration

In conclusion, I would be happy to come again and take photographs in this nice Venue.
I want to thank all the 514 event Center’s team that responded all the time to each of my questions and needs.
And finally I would like to thank the bride and the groom for booking me among many other wedding photographers!

Find Inspiration in Similar Reception Venues near the Twin Cities

As an engagement and wedding photographer in Edina, MN, I start to know a lot of venues in Minnesota. So, if the 514 is not available and you want a post-industrial style for your ceremonies, you actually have a bunch of options, such as the Loring Social, The View at Minneapolis Event Centers, the Five Event Center, The Machine Shop, Brick x Mortar, Hall of Kings , Lumber Exchange Event Center and the Kellerman’s Event Center,  just to name a few. These venues, by their style, don’t need a lot of floral decorations. Post Industrial style is now a classic, and any decorator should have plenty of ideas to suggest.

dress hanging in the makeup room at Neu Neu
dress hanging in the makeup room Neu Neu
view from the makeup room
view from the makeup room
dress hang on the makeup room windows
fun during the makeup
fun during the makeup
Bride Groom florals in Mn
bride dog and florals
bride dog and florals mn
diamond ring in mn at neu neu
bride and groom photo session with dog on Twin Cities
they spoke of their proposal
they spoke of their proposal
wedding at neu neu
wedding at neu neu
no need of table rentals
table and chairs rental included
table and chairs rentals included
donut cake from their caterers at Neu Neu
donut cake from their at Neu Neu
grand exit with bubble in front of Neu Neu
grand exit with bubble in front of Neu Neu


  • WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER: French-Touch-Photography
  • BRIDE DRESS : Effies Bridal Trunk
  • BRIDE JEWELS: Che Bella
  • WEDDING RINGS: Helzberg Diamonds
  • GROOM SUITE/TIE/BOOTIE: Mens Wearhouse
  • HAIR STYLIST: Lady Vamp
  • FLORIST:  Joy Unspeakable
  • CAKE: YoYo Donuts & Coffe Bar
  • DJ: Adagio: DJ Entertainment
  • LIGHTENING: Phos Custom Lighting
  • CATERERS : Crave Catering