The Web Gallery

What is and how works the web Gallery

The web Gallery to see, download, order and and share your photos

Once I will have done all the post traitement work on all pictures (select, edit, retouch, enhance, export, back-up), then I will upload all your weddings pictures on the Web Gallery. The web gallery is a service that allow you to see and share all your pictures with your friend. Indeed, you AND all your guest can download all pictures (you want) in Hight Definition, order some prints, and share pictures on socials media.

I will explain here in details :


How to know if the gallery is ready ?

I usually need some weeks to treat all your wedding pictures (good job need time).  In summer that could go up to 9 weeks. When your gallery will be ready, you will receive an email, with a link to your gallery and the password.

Private albums and password.

Access and Password for everyone

The gallery is private and protected by a password. I usually use the name of the groom as password (without special character, and all in lowercase letters). So If the name of the groom is “Jönson”, the password would be “jonson”.
Every one must enter it’s own email,and the galery password.
If you face any difficulty to access your galerie send me an email.

Access in Admin mode

If you are the bride and the groom, you have the possibility to access in Admin mode. The admin mode allow you to hide some pictures or album. You will need to use your own email (the one I will send you the email to), and a specific password.

How to Hide some pictures

If you already now that you prefer to keep some pictures private, let me know before, and I will hide all those pictures (ex : the preparations of the Bride).
You have a privilege access on your gallery (your need to connect with YOUR email and a special password that I will send you). Then, you can hide the pictures (or albums) you want.

So, once connected in Admin mode, to hide a picture, click on the picture, and click on the eye with a strike.



How to Access your gallery

When you will have received the email notifying you that pictures are ready, there is two way to access your gallery :

  • using the link on the email you will receive (your can easily share the email with your guest)
  • access directly from this web site (click on ACCES CLIENT).
  1. Select the gallery you want to look among the different gallery.
    Select the gallery you want to access
  2. Click on Open Gallery
    Click on OPEN GALLERY


  3. Enter you OWN email, and the password.

    Enter you OWN email and password

Voilà !

How to Download All your pictures in Hight Definition ?

All pictures are retouched : most of them are in color and some are in Black-and-white (and can’t be put back in color anymore).
It’s very easy to download all image in color with 1 click.
To download all image in B&W, it’s a little more tricky. Bellow the explanation how to do that step by step.

Be aware. Pictures in Hight Definition are BIG (a lot of Mo). So you need a good internet connection to download all pictures. Don’t download all images with you phone !
The website create Zip files of 1 Go each. So you usually have to download severals Zip files.
Then I recommend you to move all the files in the same folder together.


A/ Download all pictures in color

Click on download cloud

When you are on the gallery, simply click on the button “Download”. You will then arrive on a confirmation page. The website will send you an email with a link to download all images. Wait a couple of minutes.

B/ Download all pictures in Black-and-White

To download all pictures in BW you have to select an image, open it in the slideshow, convert it in black and white, then click on BUY PHOTO, then go on DIGITAL MEDIA, and then buy the free (0$) FULL RESOLUTION ALL GALLERY PHOTOS.
Don’t worry, it’s a 0$ gallery, so you don’t have to pay anything.

  1. Click on a image and entire the slideshow mode.
  2. Click on B&W to convert one image on Black and White (one image is enough).
Click on B&W to convert one image on Black and White

3. Click on BUY PHOTO (on the top right)

Click on BUY PHOTO





6. Click on ADD TO CART

Click on ADD TO CART


7. Click on VIEW CART

Click on VIEW CART


8.Click on CHECK-OUT

Click on CHECK-OUT


9. Enter your informations

Enter your informations


10. Enter your information and click on PLACE ORDER WITH PAYPAL

Don’t worry, it’s a 0$ cart, so you don’t even need to have a Paypal account.

Enter your information and click on PLACE ORDER WITH PAYPAL

11. You should see this confirmation message.
Waite a couple of minute, you will receive an email with the link to the pictures.


Order print

The gallery give you and your guest the opportunity to order real prints.

Prints are made by a professional photo lab and offer the best quality (not Walmart or Walgreens quality that should even not be allowed to call that photo prints !). Here, it’s thick real photo paper : best definition, best colors, best resistance to the time.

Delivery place?

You will received your print at home, by mail, or at the address you want (office for ex).

How long?

It usually take less than one week. Depending the quantity, type of prints, and the lab schedule, it could sometime take a little bit more, but not often.

How to pay?

The gallery use the PayPal paiement. It’s a well known secure system. If you have a PayPal account you can use it. If you don’t have PayPal account you can pay anyway with a simple credit card (no need to create a PayPal account).


The more you order, the cheaper it becomes. More than 50 pics, more than 100 pics, and more than 200 pics.

Special Wish ?

You want something special that is not in the gallery ? Send me an email.

Select pictures for your album

You are the bride and the groom (or the parents), and you want to select pictures for your album. That’s easy !
Once you are log in your gallery, simply click of the little star that appear on the top of the image. The picture is selected in your favorite.
Be sure to select the good number of pictures.
If you want to make different selection, then you can use a specific email for each selection. I even recommend your to use a fake one , but explicite one like : [email protected]