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Simply a great park with a panoramic view

Lindsey and Jordan’s engagement photos at Kellogg Mall Park

Lindsey and Jordan drove 2 hours from the northern Minnesota to the Twin Cities for their photo session. After Raspberry Island and the Harriet Island Park, it’s now on Kellogg Boulevard that we continue the second part of their pictures.

We climbed the bridge, and walked up the Wabasha Street to the adjacent Park, in front of the City Hall. They were pretty relaxed, and it was a pleasure to continue their photo session.

— couple walking in the street staring at each other —
—couple walking in the street staring at each other —

Scenic view on the Mississippi River

When Lindsey was looking for her professional wedding photographer to cover her ceremony in the Twin Cites and her engagement session, she told me she doesn’t like static posed pictures. I reassured her, guaranteeing her that cheesy pose are the ones I try to avoid. I much prefer dynamic moments. For that I ask my couples to walk, to share some story or to play games. And that’s what we were doing in the Streets.

What attracts me in this park is the breathtaking overlooking view on the Mississippi River and the east shore of Saint Paul.
That’s why we used the midway close to the bluff to take pictures of these two lovers having fun, and it turned out to work pretty great!
Besides, I deeply love the cherry blossoms flying in the wind around those two ones.

A convenient complementary location in St Paul for your sessions

Despite its view, this park is not the most beautiful park in the area. It has some significant advantages:

  • it offers plenty of trees and flowers among the dull aspect of the skyscraper buildings
  • it offers a fountain and an arch for celebration
  • it’s adjacent to the Robert St N and the Wabasha St S, both being nice bridges which we might use for another photo location
  • it’s very conveniently located (close to Saint Paul’s downtown, and 5 minutes from Raspberry Island, the Boat Club, the Union Depot).
  • It will suit Minnesotan couples getting married in the dozens nearby wedding venues. For instance, at the Science Museum, the George Latimer Central Library, the Saint Paul Athletic Club, the Landmark Center, the Xcel Energy Center, the University Club of Saint Paul,  lots of University campus buildings, the Union Depot,  the Lowertown event center and several other reception event centers!
  • it doesn’t require any photography permit.
  • it’s features a station for bicycle rentals if you move by bicycle.

A Touch of Nature

I recommend natural environments to reveal your true relationship, such as the Minnesota State Park Taylors Falls, located in Taylors Falls, MN. It offers a wild mountain, pine trees, and gorgeous landscapes. Unfortunately, this last is located one hour drive north, and thus required an extra effort from my clients. Only very motivated people chose that location.

If, like 95% of Minnesotan, you are not ready to drive that long for your pictures (or on your wedding day,     which is pretty understandable), you might consider a closer park, like this one. It offers enough trees, flowers and nature to capture gorgeous couple’s pictures. I would recommend using it as a complimentary location. In fact, it’s an oasis in the gray stone buildings of the city!

Bridal Party Pics and Possibilities to Celebrate an Outdoor Union in Minnesota

If you are planning to celebrate your mutual engagement in a restaurant in St Paul (such as the Happy Gnome or the Lowertown event center), MN, or the twin Cities metro area, then this park might fulfill your needs for a small ceremony. It is good enough for your bridal party pictures.
Also, the park, with its fountain and arch, can also host an intimate wedding!

Some “friends” around

If you have already strolled near the Ramsey County Courthouse, you may have noticed some “uncommon” residents using the park. An explanation could be the proximity of the shelter. What’s more, this park is close to the landmark center, and it has been recently renovated. Indeed, the city builds some enforcement to make sure it stays on the highland level and doesn’t fall in the riverfront.
That said, I have never been annoyed.

A Famous Balcony Park With Historic Resources

Today, the park is known for his creative community. For instance, it hosted the St Paul winter Carnival. Indeed, the recreation department equipped all Blvd with recreation facilities to allow artists performing arts in the City! That represents some major redevelopment opportunities after the renovation of the park recreation areas (such as the stormwater runoff system), and benefit to the entire St Paul riverfront corporation.

Last Part of the Photo Session on Cedar Street

The first part of their engagement session in St Paul, MN, was in Harriet Island. For the last one, they avoid the Minnehaha falls park, the stone arch bridge, the Como Conservatory, and the other overrated parks. Instead, they decided for a total alternative option, a rooftop! We crossed the street and climbed an 80-foot-high building  to access a roof top in Saint Paul, which offers amazing photos.

A Variety of Rooftop in the City

If artists love so much rooftop, it’s because they embodied an antique human dream: being the bird at the top of the world. I have scouted all the parking rooftops in town to choose the best ones. Some even offer amenities such as luxurious car rentals, which can be used for pictures.

To conclude, I believe that it is a sweet little park with a scenic overview very close to the center of Saint Paul. Thus, couples planning photo session in Saint Paul’s downtown should take it in consideration!

I can’t wait to capture Lindsey and Jordan’s wedding in the fall with whom I have developed a friendly relationship. To host their wedding reception they choose at the Loft at Studio J, in Stillwater.

— Love at the center of a Historic playground —
—Love at the center of a historic playground —

— romantic walk in the capitol street —
—romantic walk in the capitol street —

— gentle kiss —
—gentle kiss —

— Happy fiancee —
—Happy fiancee —

— photo with cherry trees —
—photo with cherry trees the bride to be pushed on her feet—

— Fiances in love strolling under the blooming cherry trees —
—The fiances in love strolling under the blooming cherry trees —

— calm moment couple hugging —
—calm moment couple hugging —

— Blacony Park view on the shoreline riverside —
—Blacon Park view on the shoreline riverside —

— crazy in love —
—crazy in love with naked feet—

— couple holds hands on recreational are —
—couple holds hands on recreational are —

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