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Time Capsule for Wedding Photography

Have you ever heard about time capsules? And have you ever considered associating it with weddings?
In this article we will introduce you to this concept, trying to trigger the same interest we found in it.
We will see why photography is by definition already a kind of time capsule.
Finally, we will see how you can use it during your wedding and after.

Time Capsule, what’s this thing?

The origin of the word “capsule” comes from the Latin word “Capsula” which means a small box or chest.” It was first used in the 17th century to describe small, enclosed containers for a wide range of objects: medications, spacecraft.

In other words a hermetic box or a bottle could be considered as a capsule (let’s keep that in mind for later).

The word “time” comes from the old English word “tima” which means a period or season.

Today the concept of time refers to the concept of duration. It flows in one unique direction that has humans we all experience.

time capsule

What’s the Purpose

A time capsule is a small container whose purpose is to hold a piece of a specific period, protecting and transporting it through the ages, until it is finally open.  The duration can be for years, decades or centuries. It’s like a snapshot (another photography term) of a specific moment.

They are made for the future generations. It’s a gift  to be passed to your kids and grandkids. Does that remind you of something?

wedding photo albums

What’s the Difference With a Wedding Album?

A wedding album, expensive or affordable, serves a goal pretty similar towards your grandkids. One day they will sit on your lap, and finally open the big fancy album of your library, it will be for them like a snapshot of your family on your wedding day.

That said, for you, the wedding album has another function which is to gather you and your beloved ones around a common history. It’s a book you can read, again and again, refreshing your memory and cherishing people you love.


The effect “Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography” by Roland Barthes

In this book the French philosopher discovered in an old suitcase some postcards. Among them a vintage photograph of his mother, young. The entire book is then a description of what he experiences. How this simple little photograph creates so much emotion, curiosity, imagination in his mind. He reviews all the details of the photos and finds an interpretation.

Roland Barthes, in his small book (which is probably one of the best books about photography), speaks about the power of photography to be true to life, to carry a little “je ne sais quoi”.

After reading this book, you should immediately print all your wedding photos, and all the photos you have on your hard drive : engagement session and other maternity, family sessions.

How to use a Time Capsule on your wedding day

Being a wedding photographer, I have seen ceremonies. In one specific ceremony, the bride and groom had a wood box in which they enclosed several things:

  • their vows
  • letter to each other to the future
  • photos of them and their families
  • letter from their parents, siblings or members of the bridal party
  • a good bottle of wine

In this scenario their box (and the choice of wine) was made to be open in the next 10 years, when they would probably have children, a big house and maybe a dog or two.

We found that idea pretty cool and decided to push it a bit further, and created our own device for newlywed couples.

Time Capsule for Wedding photography

Our time capsule is made to last for decades (if not centuries). We would love giving the future you pleasure to discover again, in decades those images of your special day.

Select Your Images on Your Web Gallery

Let’s be honest, out of the 1000 images that we will deliver to our clients, they will print 200 of them (maximum) and the other one will finish in the trash. We are giving here an opportunity to really use them.

Add something else

Start collecting other elements to add : portraits, couples and the bridal party , engagement session, video of the ceremony.

Seal your enclosure

Our enclosure is a stainless metallic tube that will be hermetically closed. I come with a set of screws, bolts and seals. This step is pretty important and will make sure of your treasure.

Bury It

Go to your family house’s backyard, or the secret place of your choice (top of the hill) and start digging. Avoid the field in the city due to all the tubes that can run under-earth.

Wait Decades

Wait at least your 10-year anniversary, or better, 40-year anniversary.  Marriage is like a good red wine, it’s getting better with the years!

Gather Friends and Rediscover Your Memories

It’s time for an amazing party. Make it an event! Gather your kids and friends. Open your enclosure and carefully take out your keepsake. Enjoy all the memories of this big day. Rediscover the moments you had forgotten.

Other Ideas to Include a Time Capsule for a Ceremony

If photographers are obsessed with photography, this concept can actually be used with all kinds of things during a wedding ceremony. Here are a few ideas of how you can gift yourself with a funny surprise, different kinds of enclosure, and a variety of objects to include.


8 examples of enclosure that can be used for a time capsule

  • A wood wine box
    Shop Red Bordeaux (St Emilion, Pomerol) with its wood box. You should have enough places to add your vows, proof of your commitment ceremony.
  • Wood Chest
    If you need more space, go with a nice little wood chest. Couples would include wedding dresses and dry bouquets!
  • Metallic container
    Pick a nice sturdy metallic case.
  • A Mason Jar
    Simple and elegant, it will fit small elements
  • Glass Bottle
    Transparent or with a color, you can slip something in it, close it with a cork, and keep it on a shelf.
  • Ceramic Container
    Nice ceramic containers well decorated can fit in your home style.
  • PVC Pipe
    It’s the plastic version of what we are offering.
  • Survival Container
    The most pragmatic and manly ones would prefer a strong survival plastic case.

That’s just a few examples of what kind of enclosure you can use. Basically, anything hermetic would do the job.

15 things to include in your Time Capsule during your wedding ceremony?

  • photo
  • bride and groom vows
  • good bottle of wine
  • a letter to each other
  • each other prediction for next decades
  • a letter from your moms and dads, or members of the bridal party
  • wedding invitation
  • wedding menu
  • list of all the guests invited to the big day
  • guestbook
  • a little jewel
  • the newspaper dated from your wedding date
  • a map of the city where your wedding takes place (can be funny to see the difference)
  • a piece of clothing such the garter, something blue
  • a USB key with a video of the ceremony  (including the speech and songs)


This little fantasy is a reminder of the true nature and the power of photography. What photographers capture are not just images of a celebration, it’s a keepsake made to be read again and again by the couple and the ones they love.

So, if you are planning your wedding, it’s easy and terribly funny to offer some gifts for the older version of yourself. It can be an emotional item that will trigger nostalgia, or our expectation of what will happen.

Take advantage of that, make it a small event during the wedding ceremonies!

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