Wedding Photographer Duluth

Wedding Photographer Duluth

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I believe that there is nothing more important in life than those precious moments that we share with our beloved ones. We wish those memories could last forever. The marriage is more than a promise or a signature on wedding certificat. It is a good reason to gather our entire family and our best friends in a big and beautiful party in Duluth full of joy and emotion. In some years, when cozily seated on your sofa with your children (or grand-children) on your lap, you will open your wedding album to show them that beautiful day. You will explain to them who this young and beautiful lady in her stunning white dress was (you)! You will talk to them about that old lady, with her funny hairstyle, whom we see speaking with everybody on the pictures (their grand-grandmother). You will show them through the pictures documenting all the ties of complicity between people who came to your big day . You will see, through secretly taken pictures, your best friends (the bridal party) planning to surprise the bride, the groom and the guests. You will see kids having fun.

Every person, every moment of your special day will be captured in a unobtrusive way. When opening the album, you will rediscover the atmospheres, the spirit, the laughs, the tears, the complicity and much more. All these photographes

I believe that the authentic pictures, those taken in the heat of the action, have some magical power, a greater power than the words. The pictures have the amazing power to maintain a moment alive (and not only the bride walking down the aisle with her father, but much more), all those little details that make your wedding a singular story.

The photo album is all what remains from your wedding day! (check our breathaking wedding albums) It is a treasure you will keep for life; it is what you will bequeath to your children.

For all these purposes, I think that it is important to choose well the wedding photographer you will hire, whom style corresponds to what you wish and with whom you feel comfortable. This is why I always offer an engagement session to my future bride and groom, in order to really know and satisfy them during the weeding day in Duluth.

Duluth photography services for wedding


I believe in simplicity. When you become good at something, you manage to make it sound simple. That’s why my basic package includes all what a bride and a groom can require. Furthermore, you can easily customize your package with additional options.

The first wedding package of you photographer in Duluth includes:

  • An engagement session
  • An all-day coverage: from the early morning (with the hair and make-up) to the reception, the dance opening
  • A special bride and groom session
  • An unlimited number of photos taken
  • All images carefully edited, one by one (no script), in a editorial way
  • All images free of use
  • An awesome Web Gallery with the possibility to download all the beautiful images from the entire wedding day
  • An early delivery of some best of pictures the week after the wedding, so you can relaxe during your honey-moon
  • A fast delivery of all pictures a few weeks after the wedding
  • A full support for your wedding schedule, with quick answers to your questions
  • A back-up of your pictures on a secure hard drive and on the Cloud


  • Hand made photo album with Real Leather/ plexi glass / wood cover
  • Wedding Albums for parents (copies of your album, or unique creation)
  • Shoot Proof Album (all pictures printed in small size)
  • Custom design of your album layout. You chose the photos, and you have the final word.
  • Photo Booth
  • Trash the Dress session
  • Rehearsal photo shoot
  • Thank-you cards
  • Save-the-date card
  • Prints, Canvas

The most powerful pictures are when people are caught while they don’t expect it. They are not discreet anymore, they finally show their true smile, they don’t pretend. That’s the power of the photography: to testify of the true nature of people.

And to testify of something, you first need this thing to happen. During a wedding in Duluth, I mainly look for real emotions between family and guests. That’s why I work like a photo journalist: I remain discreet in order to seize perfect moments. You will barely notice me taking photographs all day long (read my past client review)! That’s why I will be able to make so candid shoots that will surprise and enjoy you beyond your expectations.

How do I do it? There is no magic here. I’m not a ninja (even if it’s a funny comparison), neither a spy (I started to develop some capacities though). I simply don’t make noise and don’t try to attract people’s attention.. However, I carefully and continuously pay attention to everything happening around me, and I’m always ready to capture a natural moment.

I shot documentary photography in a journalistic and unobtrusive approche.

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Why I would like to cover your wedding day in Duluth, MN?

The short answer is the landscape! Indeed, while Minnesota state is pretty flat, Duluth is on the north side, in front of the great lakes and have the mountain’s spirit with its hill, lake and alpine woodlands. What’s more Duluth’s bluff and ridge offer some scenic overlook view on the lake superior skyline and the city. Also Downtown Duluth and it’s historic buildings is a pretty good location to take some amazing pictures too. Besides I love of all the historic Mansion build in this dark-red stone with this stunning architecture, and their inside made of black wood. The waterfront also offers some great location to shoot your wedding pictures or some family portrait! It could be the long of the Lakewalk trail and its rocks beach, or in front of the Duluth airport and it’s sand beach (who will be perfect for a beach wedding). In a more industrial and modern way we can also take pictures close to the harbor and all the loft building (with red bricks) located in front of the Aerial Lift Bridge. Duluth is the gate to the northland and the north shore with all the national and state park, lakes, canal and mountains! On the top of that I’m a big fan of hiking and I will be more than happy to go further than 10 min walk in the forest. By the way, all the Pine forest works pretty great! I will also be happy to take some pictures of unexpected photo session in canoes the log offshore, or drive up some miles on the interstate to the north and visit all the sate park and national parks adjacent. During the winter season I would love to capture some pictures with snow, like a sled dog, which is just magical!

Know Your Story Teller in Duluth

As your wedding photographer in Duluth, my job is to write your story with my timeless pictures. It’s through my eyes that your wedding is recorded from the morning to the dance floor. It’s my sensibility that will consider this moment remarkable or not. As a photojournalist I try to capture the essence that make your wedding unique. That’s why I love to meet you before your wedding! And that’s why a free engagement session is also included in every photography package. The more I know about you, the more I will know what really matters to you. In this consideration, you also need to love my pictures, and the funny little touch of derision I love to introduce in my images.

A photographer that make You feel at your ease

If some people are born with the gift to stay natural and relaxed in front of a lens, most of people are intimidated by the presence of the camera. I’m part of that second group, so I know what it feels like to pose. And I also know that it is an issue that could be easily overcome if the person feels confident and has fun. That is another reason why I included a free engagement session in all my wedding packages! During this session, we really meet each other. You quickly learn that my trick to look like natural is to be natural, and having funa. I will lead you, suggest you a lot of possibilities depending on how far you want to go. I avoid at the maximum static fake pose that comes from our parent time! My pictures are fresh and dynamics. If you really enjoy the moment, the moment will look like natural. You don’t have to pretend.

No Pressure I Promise

You are ready to book your professional photographer, or you just start to explore photography options? I invite you to take contact with me and ask my availability for your wedding date. Explain me what you expect and it will be my pleasure to answer you. I won’t put pressure on you, I hate telemarketers, I hate the pressure marketing techniques like, “save 20% if you sign today”! I offer my clients a fair trade relation, based on trust and quality, because it is the way I am, and because I believe it’s the kind of relation that lasts in time. By the way I invite you to check my Google’s reviews and see what my clients think.

Albums for You and Your Parents

I think that the wedding photo book is important, and that a good wedding photographer in Duluth or around, should always offer this service. The photo album is the tangible result of all that work. It’s this book that you will grab, seat with your family, and look at it all together. It’s not the USB drive with 1200 pictures… You may watch them the first years after your wedding, but after 10 years… not anymore!  There won’t be any USB device left, so you won’t watch them anymore except if they are printed! That’s why the album is so precious. What’s more, it is through your selection of photography that the story will be told.

The albums I offer are made with the best quality you can find. They are handmade built, with the best materials, with a large variety of selected cover (genuine leather, plexi glass, wood). The prints are real photography prints, designed to resist through time, protected in a luxury box.

And because I believe that parents play a huge role in our life (and also in weddings), that they would be more than happy to have an album too. That’s why I offer you the possibility to order some extra albums for them with a very fair price.

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Where to Shoot Your Wedding Photo in Duluth

Duluth is a fantastic place for a photographer. With the Superior Lake, you have some beautiful landscapes, some beaches, some creeks, and even some marinas. With the forest you have some authentic nature, wild, raw and romantic. The hill of Duluth offers a unique point of view, and the town itself is full of old and authentic buildings (like The College of St. Scholastica ). I love Duluth’s old stone buildings with their old-fashion shops. And, if you want something special, you can also choose an old industrial area (like the aerial lift bridge)! Duluth is really a nice city for a wedding photographer, it offers a lot of different backgrounds for the pictures. Thinking of an old home:  the Glenshen Museum would be a nice place to capture the couples photos of your big day. Here you can find a lot of parks where your session could take place:

Just on the north of Duluth, there is one place that I love so much. It is absolutely fantastic, made by Nature, this place is the Goosebery Falls State Park . I would like to shoot there. Another amazing place I visited is the Split Rock Lighthouse.

The bride, the groom, the parents and the friends.

During the wedding I take pictures of everyone, not only the husband and wife. Of course I will mainly pay attention to the new wife and new husband, but not only. I guess for you, Braid-maids and Groomsmen are utterly important too. When I hear about photographers who just focus on expected formal pictures, that sounds nonsense to me. Group pictures, portraits, are the very basic! A good photographer in Duluth should also pay attention to every person and every moment! Kids, grandparents, timid aunt are people easily forgotten that I like to take in pictures. Your parents, siblings, best friends will all have an important place in my coverage.

If you want to be sure that I don’t forget anyone, feel free to make a list of the pictures you want.

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Open-minded, dynamic and creative photographer

We all have heard, at least once in a wedding, about a photographer who doesn’t listen to the bridegroom, who do whatever he wants. It’s the kind of guy who seems to be there only to “do the job”, not much! Well, I’m not this one. I do this job because I take a great pleasure doing it. I consider that suggesting staging ideas during the formal group pictures is funny. I like exchange with guests, too.

I’m also an open-minded wedding photographer. If you suddenly want to have a picture that was not planned, I will listen to you carefully in order to understand what you expect and will do so. I love the creativity part of this job. As a wedding photographer in Duluth, it’s the part I can explore to express my art. It could be a simple sunray, I will ask you to set in and have a kiss using only natural light. Or it could be a complicated frame with different plans in sophisticated composition using lighting techniques. Or it could also be an incongruous and candid shot I like to capture.

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Communication and Preparation of your wedding in Duluth

You can drop me on a wedding, with no briefing, I will do the job. Nevertheless, I think a well-prepared wedding is the key for an amazing result. If I already know what are the borderlines, it’s easy for me to play with them and it would be a pleasure to deal with an unexpected situation and add photo ideas. But if there are no limits at all, and if I constantly have to expect the unexpected to happen, then I would play the security card. I would take no risk, and maybe I would have a less artistic result. Indeed, wedding photography is not a recipe. That’s why, if you want some creative, artistic photography, I have to “take some risks”, to “try things”. And I can only try a special and creative idea when I know that the timing allows me to do so!

That’s why I always meet the bride and the groom long time before in the pre-wedding consultation.  One week before the weeding I come back to you, to be aware of any change that could occur. And finally, the day of your wedding in Duluth, your scheduled timing is close to perfection. Your wedding goes smoothly, and we can take the time to create artistic pictures, which you will be happy to hang on your living room walls.