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The mini gift book perfect gift for bridal party and family

Included in some wedding photography packages, those mini gift books are the perfect gift for your bridal party members or family members. 
Let’s see what they look and how they are made.


We create those small photo books in 6×6 inch in order to keep them affordable.

Mini Gift Book

HardCover or Softcover?

Although softcovers would give us a cheaper price, those won’t last long. That would be pretty cheap for your family members!

That’s why we offer those tiny books with a hardcover which would help them resist through the decades.
Contrary to hight quality wedding albums, we can’t personalize the cover with a printed logo (sorry).
The material used for the cover is synthetic leather (or leather friendly cover).

Hard Cover in synthetic leather

Design of the albums

Given the size of those small albums, we decided to put only one image by page. That would help to see your memories better.
For this album, we will design and order it without review (it’s a free service we don’t charge). When it’s possible, we enlarge images so they cover the entire page. This it’s great if you select an image we can crop square.

Simple Design: 1 image per page

Number of page and photos

Tiny photo books does not mean you won’t have a lot of images! Indeed, with 60 pages, it’s 60 photos you can choose from your perfect day.
You can start to select your photo now using the web-gallery. 

Mini Gift Book


Although we love the RC photo paper (best photo paper quality to resist the years), this mini photo book is available only with  Dye-print prints. This is how the lab (and then us) manage to offer our clients a good gift for a low price. 


Order and Delivery Time

The mini gift book is sent to production and deliver at the same time as your personalized wedding album and other prints. The production time of mini gift book is guaranteed to stay under 2 months (so pay attention if you order gifts for Christmas). Shipping is free in the USA. 


We designed those mini gift books to be cute, with a strong hardcover to preserve your memories through the years.
At the same time we want the best competitive price, so we had to trim a bit of the quality regarding the photo paper (which still remains great).
You can select 60 photos that you love to create those personalized gifts.
Those mini albums would be the perfect gifts to offer to your bridal party or to your family members.   

Keep in mind that you can still order individual prints and posters on the side.
And if you are looking for a better quality photo book you can still check the parents albums

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