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Average Cost of a Wedding Photographer

How much bride and groom usually spend on photography?

The average cost of a Wedding Photographer in Minneapolis

The average price of hiring a professional wedding photographer in the Twin Cities to record your entire day on camera (and not only the ceremony) usually represents 10% to 15% of the wedding’s budget.
Several studies (The Knot, Wedding Wire, Thumbtack) show that the average photography package offered in Minnesota includes between 6 and 8 hours. The average price of a wedding photographer in Minneapolis, MN, is between $2500 and $3300 (with variations depending on the studies).

Other information: 78% of the couples spend between $1000 and $3500 for photography (yes, that’s a large range), 6% more than $3500, and 16% waste their savings hiring some so-called professionals for less than $1000.
In 2024, the average cost of a wedding photographer nationwide in the USA is somewhere between $2,341 and $2,640.

Remember that this is an average, and it doesn’t reflect what is in your cart and even less about the art! Some options can have a huge impact on the final price (bride and groom photo books + parent’s photo books are usually ruinous).

Also, when searching to hire a talented vendor, you will experience wide pricing variations between different packages! The questions to ask are probably not what is the average rate, but:

  • How important are photos for you (it’s usually the second biggest budget [12–15%] after the venue [50%])
  • how to invest wisely, save money, and in the same keep amazing pictures

That’s why I will show you that with a method, you can easily understand these variations and control your expenses. We will try to dissect those rates to understand how you can accurately compare them together, how to determine which offers are a great deal, what traps to avoid, and how to optimize your investment.

Be ready; I will reveal some typical marketing techniques and how not to be fooled!

Table of Contents

Why does wedding photography cost so much?

I grew up in a working-class family, and I think twice before buying anything. I especially hate wasting my savings.
Also, it’s legitimate to wonder if hiring someone for more than $3000 is fair when you can find a $500 one on Thumbtack. So, what is a reasonable price for a wedding photographer?

The answer is obviously more complicated than a yes/no question.

If you have low expectations and just want some snapshots (happy with your uncle’s pictures), then go for the cheapest one!
First, spending some bad clichés you won’t like (and won’t look at in the future) would be a bad idea and a waste of cash!

But with a supreme result, you can relieve those amazing moments indefinitely, and transmit to to your great kids an heirloom. Then that should be considered an investment.

Yes, photography does cost a lot, and here are the reasons

Yes, having exceptional portraits captured reflecting your personality is a luxury service. Photographers have expenses: advertising, equipment, websites, formation, tax, and research, just to name a few of them. And they also need to live.
What’s more, unfortunately, there are no weddings on weekdays. And if you had ever run an artistic business, you would know that the funny part (the artistic one, taking pictures on the field), is only one very percentage of all the rest you have to do.
For instance, taking pictures represents less than 10% of my occupation.

How much is a good wedding photographer?

What people consider a good wedding photographer is a subjective consideration, and for this reason, it’s dedicated to giving a clear answer. Is it someone doing a “just” clean job or someone bringing amazing creativity?
In short, a really good photographer costs between $3000 and $6000 for the day.

How much are the most expensive wedding photographers?
Some bill $ 10,000 for a day, and some demand $ 35,000. That usually comprises 1 or 2-second shooters and 1 or 2 assistants. Those photographers are not only exceptionally talented for photography but also for business.

How much is a cheap wedding photographer?

Here again, the answer to this question will vary depending on what you consider to be cheap.
Let’s say that some people, at the very beginning of their careers, would ask for less than $1000. It might sound expensive for crappy photographs. Even free coverage can be found if you have a family member who wants to start his career.
But is it worth having your wedding photos screwed up?
That is a consideration that you only can answer.

How much is a wedding photographer per hour?

The longer coverage, the more expensive. That said, the rate is not determined by an hourly rate only. It’s usually a flat rate to which you can add extra hours.

What is the charge for an extra hour of wedding photography?

The average rate for an extra hour of wedding photography for an experienced photographer varies from $200 to $400.
Some photographers would also give discounts if you plan upfront and, on the other hand, charge more if you arrive late and have to increase the coverage’s duration.
Some would have a maximum period that they would agree to work, or might even increase the rate of the extra hours. For instance, it could be $250 until 10 pm and switch to $350 after 10 pm.
One reason why is that photographers can have to shoot several days in a row during weekends. A wedding day can sometimes last 16 hours, which is pretty intense and exhausting.

What is a reasonable price for a wedding photographer?

That’s a question that each individual can answer by estimating and balancing their funds and expectations. If you want some clean decent photos, don’t go under $2500.

The Perverse Effect of the Internet when Choosing a Photographer

Can you guess what is the most famous reconversion job? Today, everybody holding a DSLR estimate is a photographer and wants to make a life of it! That’s why you can hire some guys very cheap (but also offering very bad results).
In real life, it’s quite different! A typewriter wouldn’t turn you into a talented writer. Well, it’s the same for photography. It’s a real job that requires real qualifications. It’s more complicated than just pressing the shutter (unlike the camera’s maker wants you to believe).
The perverse effect is that the internet (and especially services that put vendors and clients in contact) gives amateurs the same visibility as real pro. The result is that the customer is lost and compares things that can’t be compared. You don’t choose a photographer as you choose a handyman!

If photography is important to you and you have high expectations, then you should invest in someone with real experience and talent who is well-equipped and shares the same level of expectation you have!

The legend of the wedding cost-effect

Do you have the feeling that when you mention the word “marriage,” everything suddenly turns more expensive?
You might think some companies demand more for weddings than they would for other events.

First of all, I believe this wedding cost effect is mostly a myth (at least when you live in an area with enough competitors to generate a price war). And guess what? The 10,000 Lakes state is the second state with the highest number of image-makers per citizen. Moreover, thanks to the internet (which makes it easier than ever to compare prices), some charges tend to go down.
On the contrary, from the bride’s point of view, the expectations go up. The shots you want today have nothing to do with what your grandparents had for their weddings.
Finally, specialists are more equipped than in the past; they need more formations and spend more time in post-production (the bad side of the digital).

So, the price might seem higher than in the past, but that’s normal and reflects the increase in quality. If you are happy with your parents’ album (few pics, only cheesy pictures), then can hire a local image taker.

Different Prices for different experiences

You know this sentence: you have what you pay for.
Here is a list of the different prices that you can face and what to expect.

  • Novice Photographers: These are individuals just starting in photography, charging between $0 and $500. They are amateurs, taking photos as a hobby. They typically work on building their portfolio and gaining experience in the field.
    With hazardous framing, focusing, and exposure, most photos won’t be great. Many moments will be missed, and photos won’t be retouched.
    To summarize, anybody with a camera would do the same, even my grandma!
    We don’t recommend that.
  • Beginner Photographers: These photographers charge between $500 and $1,200. They have very little experience in wedding photography (they might have shot 10 weddings max) but are still expanding their portfolios and refining their skills.
    You should have most of the formal moments but not many candid shots. The framing is still hesitant, trying original composition. There are still some technical issues (exposure, speed, focus). It’s still some amateur photography.
  • Intermediate Photographers: With a price range of $1,200-$2,800, these photographers have photographed a handful of weddings and are more familiar with wedding processes than beginners. They might have 2 or 3 years of experience, accumulating between 20 and 50 weddings, which is usually enough to build a nice portfolio.
    Here, the technical expectation should usually be met (except in complicated venues with dark, lightening environments). They might start using flash cameras. You should have most of the formal image clean. And if you are lucky you might have a dozen of very great photos.
  • Professional Photographers: They assess between $2,800 and $6000. They have decades of experience, consistent edits, and present additional value throughout the wedding journey. They have more than 100 weddings covered and therefore have experienced all unexpected situations.
    Here, we see the use of camera flashes. There is no more technical issue. All the photos are in top grade. You should have amazing candid shots, creative portraits, and well-posed groups.
  • Luxury Photographers: Starting at $6000 and going upwards to $50,000, luxury photographers are suitable for clients planning high-end weddings. They bring extensive experience and a comprehensive portfolio to the table and have the connection to get rich clients. That allows them to travel and shoot in the most amazing venues. Their creation is often published in famous magazines such as Vogue. If you are curious, you can look at people such as Corbin Gurkin, Larissa Cleveland, Nirav Patel, Samm Blake, Jose Villa or Yakov Knyazev.

How inflation has impacted wedding photography prices between 2021 and 2024

Except if you live in the middle of the desert, you have not noticed the inflation that has occurred in the last few years.
Globally (because inflation is calculated on a specific product by month), economists agree that inflation was 7% in 2021, 6% in 2022, and 3,4% in 2023.

Some sectors have been more impacted than others, such as the energy (and thus cost of delivery) and some materials and equipment. Therefore, many companies had to adjust their prices..

We haven’t found any serious studies on the variation in the price of wedding photography. Some have increased their prices, some have not.

Nevertheless, some studies show that the global expenses for weddings has increased by 10%, which implies a global increase of the entire wedding industry. Damned! You should have got married before!

And finally, regarding inflation, another point to consider is the shrinkflation. Some studios might have kept the same price and have reduced the content of their cart. That’s why it’s necessary to compare similar carts.

Compare the same cart:

average cost wedding photographer

When you are buying something and trying to compare different products, the first thing to do is compare similar objects. The issue is that most packages are composed of multiple elements, making this task difficult. If you are on a tiny budget and are trying to find the right photography pricing, you might skip on options and focus only on the essentials: photos. But even that could be complicated if you check the little lines and conditions of the contract.
How many images are they retouched or not? What are your rights to the files?

Also, to have a point of comparison that makes sense, you can start with a package including the same amount of hours (for instance, 10), all the pictures in High Definition, and the right release for personal use. What a hazard! This is precisely what we recommend to our clients!

A simple technique for comparing value is sending an email, explaining in detail the perfect combo that you desire, and comparing how much they cost.

Here is a list of the elements that could be included (or not) in the photography package:

  • The number of hours
  • The amount of pics
  • The rights release or not
  • Retouching (automatic or handmade)
  • Second shooter
  • Engagement session
  • The photo album and its materials (cheap internet or super classy)
  • Prints Enlargement and frames
  • Save the date and thank you cart
  • Photo booth (with or without prints)
  • Travels fee
  • Weather insurance (if you have a free session in case of rain)
  • Cancellation options
  • Obligation or not to do an in-person selling after the wedding
  • Back-up of your files (or not)
  • Gift for Parents and bridal party
average cost wedding photographer

Capturing real lifetime memories requires time.

Any right photographer in Minneapolis should incorporates, at least, a long reportage. Indeed, we consider photography to be telling a story. And to properly tell a story, it needs to have a beginning and an end. That’s why we love to cover the entire event.

What’s more, we deeply believe that the strongest moments are the real candid moments. And it’s not a secret that capturing such a snapshot can’t be done in a hurry.

For this reason, all our deals start with 10 hours.

How many hours do you really need?

In your research for the perfect photography price, you can find all kinds of packages from 4 to 12 hours or more (unlimited). Studies show an average bundle of 8 hours, but they don’t explain if the preparations are included or when your reportage stops.
The duration you need depends on the following:

  • What do you really want to be covered? In other words, how much does memory matter to you
  • Your venue (if you can do everything at the same place or if you need to drive)
  • Where you want to have your first look and the bride and groom photo session,
  • The type of your ritual (especially if it’s a long Catholic office)
  • Your bridal party’s size
  • How many family photos do you want
  • How many guests do you have

Better than giving a digit that wouldn’t make sense, we recommend you read our article explaining the perfect timeline. We detail every single moment and give you plenty of advice. Using that, you can determine the ideal duration of photography for your event.

Consider it as A One-time Life Investment

average cost wedding photographer

Despite the costs, keep in mind it’s an investment you will benefit in the future. Each time you sit on your couch and open your album, you will appreciate it.

Also, it will be part of your family heritage to your children and great-grandchildren.

That’s why, at French-Touch-Photography, we love quality, and we love to produce images you will remember forever. We want you to be proud to open your wedding album and open it every single year for your anniversary!

We want your little children’s eyes glittering when they look at your family photo book four decades from now. We want raw and true moments, magical instants, and artistic compositions that blow your mind.

We consider ourselves nothing but handcraft men, trying to produce the grettest product ever. This is the reason we provide our clients with enough time so we can use all our knowledge and put all our efforts into the service of your celebration.
We know that it’s a lot of dollars, and we consider photography as an investment.

What do we think of the average 6 to 8 hours reportage?

The average duration for wedding reportage in the 10, 000 lakes state is between 6 and 8 hours.
This time is great for small families to cover a wedding, from the beginning of the ritual until the first minutes of the dinner, and to cover couple sessions.
We believe it’s a very basic need for such an event, but two important periods would be missing: the preparation with close friends and family and the party.

We offer unlimited Coverage

Making a couple relax and feel at ease in front of a lens requires at least 60 minutes. Creative work, posed groups, or staged couples using flashes, required lots of time. Chasing unique raw moments and capturing them in candid shots require long minutes and patience.

Number of Images Delivered

Some studios will limit the number of files delivered to you (to 300, for instance). You may consider that it’s an important number, but at a wedding, the average number of files delivered is around 700 different images. Giving you a smaller number is a commercial technique to sell the bride and groom options. A small number could also be a clue to a bad photographer who cannot produce many unique shots.
For comparison, at French-Touch-Photography, we usually deliver between 800 and 1200 different photographs on a 10-hour reportage. We shoot a lot of stolen moments, striving to capture all the little anecdotes taking place. Furthermore, it would make no sense for us to deliver to our client all raw shots.

The Rights

If you want to print and share your files as you want, you need to have your personal use rights and the copyright release. If you have none, it means that each time you want to copy, share, or print a file, you would have to open your wallet. What a pity…
Be aware, that’s a classic selling technique.

At French Touch, we keep the copyright (what allows us to use our work on our website), but we give our clients the entire personal use release, which allows them to share everything with their guests and family. Besides, our wedding galleries are made for this purpose with all the sharing tools you can expect.

Retouching, number of images, and the style

Check for the total number of retouched files delivered (if there is a limit) and the kind of retouch (if it’s an automatic software retouch or a manual if they enhance the pics or just fix the White Balance).

This part, which can easily be considered easy and quick to perform thanks to new software, is a very long homework.. This hidden labor is also a part that some competitors would tend to quickly (and badly) perform using automatic software.

We deliver all the files, and we color retouch each of them to make sure the colors look great. We also enhance each image, turning some parts brighter/darker, diminishing a saturated color, or increasing local contrast.
We believe a perfect retouch is the one you don’t notice.

Second Shooter

The second shooter is the perfect example of the marketing strategy. While hiring a second shooter who is as talented as the main shooter can make sense, hiring an amateur second shooter does not make sense.
Most of the time, second shooters are a marketing strategy whose purpose is to make you believe you would have twice as many photographs when this is not true.
I have written an entire article about that if you are interested. With 10 hours and a well-designed schedule, a second shooter is absolutely not needed most of the time.

average cost wedding photographer

An engagement session to be at ease in front of the camera before your ceremony

We provide clients a Multiple locations engagement session on the Twin Cities, the choice among several coordinated outfits . You learn how to relax and be at ease in front of a lens, allowing you to take advantage of the photo shoot fully.

Most couples on a tiny budget would skip it. We think it’s not a suitable option if you want great pictures showing real emotions.
In consequence we decided to include it in our pricing. It’s better for the client and better for our images.

Luxurious Albums to keep your lifetime memories

Whether it is a surprise proposal or your wedding day in St-Paul, pictures are made to be printed on a real wedding book and should not stay on a USB key!
Wedding photo books are an important point to consider when comparing deals.
It’s quite difficult because most competitors won’t detail the quality of their photo book, nor the number of pages and other options. What’s more, the printing industry uses marketing names that make it very difficult to understand the real quality.
That’s why the only option is often to meet the photographer, touch the product, and discuss all the details.

The value varies depending on its size, the quantity of pages, the nature of its cover, and whether or not a box is included.
The most important element to be carefull to is the quality of the paper. Indeed, the real traditional photo paper still remains the ideal-quality paper, offering long conservation, a large dynamic of colors, and some sharp details. It’s also the highest-priced.
The secret of its longevity is its photography chemical processes (C41) and the thin transparent plastic layer that protects the image.

Stay away from the cheapest books (and the photographers selling them)

Thanks to the recent evolution in printing technology, you can now order a book that looks great, great, and at a very attractive fare (3 to 4 times cheaper than the traditional ones). For instance, Blurb and Shutterfly sell some S-word books for less than $100.

That’s typically the kind of photo book you can buy on the internet, and lots of colleagues tend to take advantage of this low cost to sell attractive deals and increase their benefits.
Those books do look great at first sight, but if you look carefully, they are clearly not made to pass the ages.

The main reason, besides the economy of the cover’s fabrics, is the paper itself (which costs fewer dollars). Indeed, the paper used in the cheapest new printing technology (ink-jet or offset technology), is paper that absorbs liquid and other chemical products in the air, or on your fingers. Even if you take care of your photo book, the pages will turn yellow in a couple of years, starting to lose their colors.

Furthermore, the absence of physical protection on the page (plastic layer) exposed the paper to alteration by everyday scratching (nails) and all liquids (respiratory secretion).

Finally, those cheap books rarely come with a box (that protects against alteration), and are made with cheap synthetic material. The glue won’t last long, and the book will start to break down after 1 year.

That’s why it’s difficult to judge a photo book when you can’t touch it, especially if you are a novice. As a result, focus on to the quality when comparing similar packages, including books!

Other options that can quickly increase the value

Options can quickly increase the final price, such as fancy paper texture, embossing, engraving, and special cover material.
The layout condition is also important. How many files are you allowed to use?

If a company sells cheap quality, keep in mind that you can probably buy it yourself, better and cheaper.

Other points to consider:

average cost wedding photographer

How Minnesota’s forecast particularity influences the cost of your wedding in Minneapolis, MN.

The warmer months to get married are also the most requested. In consequence, they are also the days on which you won’t have any discount. Indeed, most photographers would likely offer clients a cheaper rate during the off-season months or weekdays.
The greatest months to get married in the land of 10,000 lakes start from April until November.
While winter months are less popular (except around Christmas and New Year), they are months when the sun offers a very lightening. For instance, if you can deal with the cold temperatures, a sunny sky with snow could be amazing for photos.

Should you tip your vendor?

Some clients are super happy and do it. But it’s not an obligation, and that would not change the quality of our service!

Do you have to pay for the meal?

On the big day, we ask to be fed. A simple meal is enough. We just need fuel!

Do you have a limit on location?

Can you cumulate several parks to have different spirits? Or do you need to spend extra fees for extra locations?

What Is the Travel Policy

Make sure you won’t have to reimburse exorbitant travel fees. As photographers, we cover weddings in the Suburbs and everywhere in Minnesota, from Mankato to Duluth to take portraits.

How is the customer service? Support and Tons of Tips.

An experienced photographer should grant you tips to find the suitable locations, design the perfect timeline, decide on the right place to shoot group pictures, etc.

Is not that he is an altruistic person. But if he wants stunning results, he has to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that every single detail goes in the right direction.
Indeed, images are the result of many tiny details that all have to be controlled. Thus, helping you choose the right props, the right place, and the right schedule also assures that you work in the most favorable conditions to create the greatest images.

Gear, Backup Equipment, and Image Backup Workflow

Ask about his equipment and his backup strategy. You want to make sure he has enough gear to continue shooting pictures in any condition including a body failure, lens damage, or a memory card problem. You want to be sure that the data is recorded on 2 similar memory cards. When he is doing his homework on his computer, retouching portraits, you want to be sure files are saved in two different locations. When correcting your image, you would prefer that he use a calibrated photography screen that would display accurate colors.

That’s the guarantee that he won’t fail to provide the greatest service because of a stupid equipment issue. That’s rare, but it’s happened. Just check the internet for bad stories about newbies losing all shots and being forced to stop in the middle of the day because their equipment didn’t work anymore.

Why Experience it so Important: it Guarantees Smooth Wedding Coverage in Minnesota?

average cost wedding photographer

Hiring an experienced professional guarantees a stress-free experience. It is usually more costly than a beginner, and it ensures you are well invested in your funds. Indeed, if we consider experience as the ability to deal with all kinds of unexpected situations, then it is empirical knowledge that an expert acquires through the decades, learning from their own mistakes. And you would prefer to avoid your photographer making those mistakes during your wedding.

That being said, it’s also a complicated criterion to evaluate when you are not an expert yourself!

Other photography filed than portraits?

If your photographer is doing real estate in Minneapolis, MN, you might have nice pictures of your venue. If he does sport, you might have a picture of you running. If he does products, then you have nice details. If he does macros, you will have your diamond ring in big. If he does events, you might have funny pictures of people on the dancefloor. If he is an artist with his production (check out my personal creations), then you might have some artistic pictures.
Wedding photography is a field where several skills are needed. The more specificities it can handle, the better.

Question to ask yourself to compare experience

Besides the number of years in business and the number of events covered, there are some practical ways to evaluate the experience.

  1. The first and most important recommendation I would give you is to check for an entire wedding gallery. By entire gallery, I don’t mean the 100 top pics of a wedding that are featured in portfolios, but all the images that a photographer delivers to his clients. Checking 2 or 3 galleries should give a balanced and enlightened opinion. How are the photographs? Do you feel that you are part of the wedding by watching the image, do you feel close to the event?
  2. Check the reviews, and most of all, check if there are any bad ones and what the photographer’s answer is. You should be able to distinguish between legitimate messages from unhappy customers and craziness.
  3. Ability to shoot in low light. Ask to see a wedding in a very low-light environment. What does the image look like? Are they sharp or blurry? Is there a lot of noise? Are the colors realistic? Does he always use direct flash?
  4. Artificial light.
    How does the artificial light look? Are the colors great, or does everything look yellow, orange, or green?
  5. Sun Photos
    Does your photographer take some photos with the sun in the subject’s face? How is the facial expression? Are folks squinting? Does your photographer use flash to light the shaded area of the face?
  6. Extra Flashes
    Does your photographer operate with additional flashes (especially inside). Does he use it a lot?
  7. One or two cameras
    While shooting with two cameras on the shoulder is physically more difficult (they are super heavy), it’s also the way to capture more candid photographs, always having the right lens ready to use.
  8. Check at the cocktail and reception.
    Are there a lot of shots of your friends? Are they candid shots?
  9. Cups
    What is the photographer’s ability to stage a group? Do the invitees look great? What about lightning?
  10. The Composition
    Is the subject’s head always small and lost in the middle of the image? Or did the photographer use to compose his frame after properly focusing on the subject’s head? Do you feel the image composition is straight when it needs to be, or are they always skewed?
  11. Foot and Hands
    Do you see family group pictures with feet missing? Or are hands missing? If you see such a frame for static posing (such as posed portraits), then it’s a very bad signal!
  12. The details
    Can the photographer capture clean and well-composed macro photography?
  13. Retouching and effect
    How is the retouch? Does the photographer employ color effects? Are the dark tones black and the bright tones white?
average cost wedding photographer

The ability to uncover your personality is what makes a difference among hundreds of other photographers.

Judging the talent of a professional wedding photographer is probably the most subjective part. When looking at portfolios, ask yourself what you feel by looking at the image. Do you feel you know those people you have never seen before? If yes, that’s excellent photography work!
Sens the photographer’s relationship with folks he took pictures of. Do you feel some complicity, some amusement, or, on the opposite do you feel that the subject is experiencing a bad moment?
Making strangers feel at ease in front of a lens is a real art. It’s also the only way to capture images that reflect who you are. Some photographers are not creative but know how to make people laugh and thus manage to seize authenticity.

Creativity is another aspect that is also called talent. Creativity is an indispensable tool that allows your vendor to create artistic or funny images anywhere in any condition. It’s the ability to play the light, with the elements and to produce amazing pictures.

Hire someone who matches with your family and your guests.

When you invite your families and all the people you love, you want to make sure your Rochester-based photographer matches your expectations.
The Internet is full of stories of weddings ruined by rude vendors. You want to make sure the vendor matches your guests and knows how to interact with them to capture stunning photos.

Indeed, if you hire a very nice person but shy, who is not able to engage in a short exchange with strangers, then you might not have a lot of pics of your guests.

average cost wedding photographer

Smart Ways to Save on Your Wedding Photography without lowering your Standard

If you also want a movie, check if your vendors propose a photo and video bundle to cover your ceremony in MN.

If you just want decent photography, then you could:

  • Compare photographers, and hire an experienced and talented one who offers competitive prices—for instance, a guy who just moved from another state (or country).
  • Book as many years before as possible. Indeed, most companies reevaluate their fare yearly (usually to increase them). So booking earlier before would mean you would skip increases!
  • Choose a format that involves only the essentials: all digital files, retouched, and the right release. It might seem more costly at first, but if you want to print your photos, that will economize your money.
  • Optimize your timeline so you don’t need a long coverage.
  • Do your first dance as soon as you enter your dining room. Once that part is covered, you can release your vendor.
  • If you want an album, ask if there are some collections, including one. They are usually cheaper than à la carte.
  • Decide on a weekday date and off-season day. Most companies have a commercial gesture for weekdays.
  • Ask if there is a reward or fidelity program. Some companies propose a commission to past clients who bring new clients and also give the new clients a discount.
  • Choose a beautiful venue so your photos will be better. Moreover, you won’t have to go to any park and disburse for a photography permit.
  • Don’t hesitate to negotiate. Share your allotment and ask if there is a way to make things cheaper by adjusting some conditions.
  • If you plan a destination wedding, check the local options. If you want the most accomplished expert, handling the travel fees might be a better investment than wasting money on a local amateur.

Bad Way to Trim on Your Photography

Now, there are several other ways to reduce expenses on your photography service that you can read on the internet, which we consider bad advice. For instance, if you try to buy a car, advising you to buy an old car with 200,000 miles, rust, and oil leaking would help you find something more affordable… but probably not in the way you want to reduce the costs!

So, here is a list of the wrong advice to avoid

  1. Choosing coverage that includes less than 10 hours would only give you a formal and boring snapshot (all the classical moments you can expect and few candid shots).
  2. Hiring an inexpert photographer who would be lost in the first unexpected situation and miss all the right shots. Especially avoid students and new professionals.
  3. Not hiring any photographer but asking a friend
  4. Hire a photographer that offers a cheaper rate by:
  • not having a backup camera
  • using his friend or wife as the second shooter
  • skipping adding additional lights (not using off-camera flashes)
  • not having a backup strategy for your files (shooting on a 2-memory card and then multiple hard-dive backups)
  • not retouching your photos on a real photo screen (the one you can see all the colors, compared to the average cheap screen)
  • not having a human retouching your image but using automatic software (most cheap photographers do that)
  • not paying tax or insurance

Be aware of the In-person sell: a marketing technique you should pay attention.

If you had your senior pictures taken, you might have noticed that the business strategy is to offer a very low fare for the photo session (or even free). It’s a method to book clients first. Then, after the session, they make you come back for an in-person sale, and you usually leave the studio, spending much more than you wished.
Some wedding photographers also use the same strategy of in-person sales marketing. Let me give you an example:

  1. You buy a package that contains a ridiculous album (maybe 8 × 8 inches with 20 pages) and not enough time.
  2. Before the wedding, the photo company makes you realize you need more time. So you upgrade.
  3. After the wedding, you can’t download all the files on the web gallery.
  4. You might not choose the photos to put in your book.
  5. You must come to the studio to validate your layout.
  6. The photographer will show you more pages and will manage to sell you a 60-page album instead of the 20 pages. You just spent more than you planned, and that was precisely the company’s goal.


Hiring a top professional to have the greatest photos to cherish comes with some expenses. It’s a folly you can really appreciate and savor in the future. That’s why you must definitely have a crush on the style and the kinds of images offered.
On the opposite, if you are just looking for clean work, then spend wisely, compare carefully, and trim the options.

average cost wedding photographer

Black and White Portrait of Alexandre Mayeur, photographer at French-Touch-Photography

Born and raised in Paris, I am now a proud Wedding Photographer in Rochester, MN, serving MPLS.

I don’t only capture emotions in candid pictures, I also create timeless images and artful photographs.
Recognized as one of the best photographers in the Twin Cities.

I serve Duluth and also far beyond the 10,000 Lakes State (Wisconsin, Iowa, and destination). I am more than happy to discover beautiful landscapes and new horizons.

Have a look at my previous publications to learn more. As an experienced professional photographer, I don’t limit my field to lifestyle, family, or event photography! I invite you to visit my portfolio and discover my photography and work out of the studio.